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review The Owl and the Pussycat 103 S can follow an illustrated subplot of two yellow fish who also fall in love under the pea green boat A charming treatment of a classic children's poem Ages 3 to. I ve read several illustrated versions of the Owl and the Pussycat and hands down this one has the MOST GORGEOUS illustrations I ve ever seen My only complaint about this book is that it wasn t bigger because the illustrations really do merit closer study the dimensions of this book are relatively small the pages are not paper but cardboard so this is a book designed to stand up to wear and tear from smaller kids and these kinds of books usually tend to be smaller length and width wise for easier handling by smaller handsThere is not one single page that does not have beautiful illustrations The feathers on the owl are individually drawn and the cat looks too adorable in her dress The poem itself might be silly but the illustrations really do bring the words to life

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review The Owl and the Pussycat 103 Edward Lear's nonsense poem about two unlikely sweethearts an elegant owl and a beautiful cat has found a perfect match in artist Jan Brett She traveled to the Ca. When a story is short I enjoy acuainting its authors artists and origin I had never heard of The Owl And The Pussycat nor of Edward Lear His inspiration for this odd titular pairing is as whimsical as it is an enlightening explanation for uite a suite of factors that of course are nonsense Small birds are prey to cats owls can carry small cats and animals do not marry ceremoniously never mind mingling species It is a treat to learn from whence this came I obtained it recently in a country thrift store as a 1984 Canadian retelling by Canadian artist Ron BergThe nice thing about retellings is clueing our modern generations into poetry and stories from all the way back in 1871 It seems Edward was well known with a fun and educational bent Our poem was published in a compilation entitled Nonsense Songs Stories Botany And Alphabets He composed the poem for a friend s 3 year old daughter which justifies an emphasis on cute rhymes and images instead of science I imagine reading this with a lilt Ron is from Toronto and has a graceful pretty fancy style suited to his concept He imagined this tale as a romance set on a cruise ship I get the impression the owl and pussycat are an established couple who made this trip together because they marry on an island after they disembark As a matter of fact they must have made uite a trustworthy boat rental with regard for their nautical ability because they row themselves the rest of the way to the ship s destination It is lovely that the ship catches up shortly and the passengers are their wedding guests There is a plentiful banuet in a lush jungle Ron s elegant dreamlike tableaux make up for the bizarre subject

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review The Owl and the Pussycat 103 Ribbean the land where the Bong tree grows perhaps to research her illustrations as well as the settings costume details plants and fish native to the area Reader. We recently read Miss Smith Under the Ocean which references a lot of classic tales Our oldest was intrigued by the mention of the poem of The Owl and the Pussycat so I borrowed a couple of different picture book versions of this classic poem so she could hear the whole thing This version has colorful mixed media illustrations that are very expressive and abstract It s very different from Jan Brett s illustrated version of the poem and we enjoyed comparing the two books Later on we read Hilary Knight s interesting take on the story tooOverall this classic poem has been illustrated by several different people and we enjoyed reading three of the different versions

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