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characters The Glass Lake ê PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Kit McMahon lives in the small Irish town of Lough Glass where everyone knows everyone; children who walk to school together grow up and become sweethearts and. The glass Lake Maeve Binchy The Glass Lake is a novel by Maeve Binchy Similar to other Binchy novels this book is set in a rural Irish village in the 1950s as well as London It is notable as the last of Binchy s novels to be set in the 1950s The story focuses on Kit McMahon and her relationship with her mother with the story spanning about a decade Binchy explores the roles of women in Irish society inconstant lovers and uses an operatic plot to hold a reader s attention 2011 1377 3 1268 9646675255 1379 1381 984 20 1391 568 9789642201891

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characters The Glass Lake ê PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Wild with stories The conseuences for Helen's husband her son but above all for her daughter Kit are unimaginable and will leave not one of their lives unchange. I read this many years ago I will endeavour to read it again this year This was a haunting tale of a woman deeply unhappy and a poor husband left to pick up the pieces for the rest of his family One of the first Maeve s books I read I really do enjoy re reading these books as it brings back memories from my teenage years and it s nice to rekindle the memories of my first grown up books I tackled I love revisiting them for this reason but mostly as I simply adore this author s work

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characters The Glass Lake ê PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Marry people gossip and grumble and dream their lives away For it is a place where change comes slowly One day Kit's mother disappears and the town gossips run. 375 starsLovely heartwarming story in the usual Maeve Binchy style Set in the 1950s in London and Ireland following the lives of a mother and daughter through thick and thin

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