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Men In Green Faces : A Novel Of U.S Navy Seals

review Men In Green Faces : A Novel Of U.S Navy Seals 103 download ☆ eBook or Kindle ePUB ½ Gene Wentz Gene Wentz ½ 3 free download N who can’t be pre­dicted can’t be under­stood and as local leg­end has it can’t even be killed His orders are to cap­ture the colonel but behind the lines where he is going Michaels will have to write his own orders–because his adver­sary is a dou­ble agent defec­tor and for­mer Viet­namese SEAL who knows the secrets of the other side This is a grip­pin­gling accu­rate dra­matic thriller based on the author’s still classified expe­ri­ences as a Com­bat Mil­i­tary Advi­sor MEN IN GREEN FACES is a long awaited inside look at the oper­a­tions of this élite groupGene Wentz served in Vietnam as a SEAL He has been awarded the Silver Star the Bronze Star three Presidential Unit Citations three Navy Unit Citations two Vietnamese Crosses of Gallantr. uite an interesting book on special forces in Vietnam Probably a bit too much testosterone for me War is such a terrible event and the death of people on either side not to mention innocent victims is a tragedy

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review Men In Green Faces : A Novel Of U.S Navy Seals 103 download ☆ eBook or Kindle ePUB ½ Gene Wentz Gene Wentz ½ 3 free download Tics and tricks used by the Navy’s SEALs in Vietnam–or the treach­ery some of them encoun­tered there Gene Michaels is a per­fect SEAL for Viet­nam Tough as any com­mando in the world he can impro­vise his way out of hope­less sit­u­a­tions jack­knife through enemy ter­ri­tory and most impor­tantly return to base alive and ready to do it again the next night For Michaels and his team of SEa Air and Land special forces fight­ers daily bat­tle has become a rou­tine to be han­dled expertly and effi­ciently until he comes face to face with the most for­mi­da­ble oppo­nent there is–an out of control NVA colonel who is on a seem­ingly unstop­pable killing spree anni­hi­lat­ing whole villages Michaels is soon obsessed with track­ing down this ma. Sad Intense War is terrible and this book illustrates it

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review Men In Green Faces : A Novel Of U.S Navy Seals 103 download ☆ eBook or Kindle ePUB ½ Gene Wentz Gene Wentz ½ 3 free download Gene Michaels car­ries an M 60 eight hun­dred rounds and a Bible The ulti­mate SEAL he also car­ries a mur­der­ous grudge against a blood­thirsty colonel who was once one of their own To bring him in Michaels and his men will go behind the lines where they’ll take on 5000 NVA in the fight of their lives In this stun­ning novel for­mer SEAL Gene Wentz brings to life what it was like to be a SEAL in Viet­nam run­ning an end­less tour of top secret death defying oper­a­tions deep in enemy ter­ri­tory From the cama­raderie to the har­row­ing recons from bru­tal inter­ro­ga­tions to incred­i­ble toe to toe fire­fights here are America’s most feared war­riors as you’ve never seen them before No novel has described in this kind of detail the tac­. He looked down the Son Ku Lon at the jungle clutching the riverbanks Its vast blackness seemed to reach out to the edge of the earth like a black hole that sucked all life from those who drew near Those who dared to venture in might never be heard from againScary He stared at it What was he doing here all of them doing here He was twenty years old By law a man but inside lots of times he felt like he was still a boy He d never be a boy again He used the 60 and the Bowie too well too often Not much left of innocence That was for sure Not after being thrown into this world of black and white life and deathHe started at the jungle How many thousands had ventured in there to die And if they lived to come out how had they survived going from playing street ball and dreaming of girls to the battlefields of Vietnam where the playing fields were covered with bodies blood and bones killing and being killedMaybe it was the hating like he hated the colonel that saved them got them through and out He shuddered A feeling came over him that maybe he d gotten too close Maybe he couldn t reverse his heading into the mouth of triple canopied death Vietnam river surrounded by jungle Meet Gene Michaelsor maybe not As a Navy Seal he is adept at being seen only when he wants to be He s part of Lima platoon deployed to the Mekong Delta and base camped on Seafloat between operations He wasn t gung ho about enlisting In fact he chose the Seals based on their reputation for one of the lowest mortality rates among any branch of the armed forces However over the last few months he has become known as a good luck charm of sorts He s dedicated skilled deadlyand no one has died or been seriously injured while on an operation with him Wentz takes us behind the scenes and into the action as we follow Michaels into the jungle We see first hand the camaraderie focus and deadly precision of SEALs operations Previously I had read The Things They Carried by Tim O Brien Now reading Men in Green Faces I found the contrast between the war experiences of Army grunts and SEALs to be fascinating Whereas foot soldiers often blindly followed orders and were frustrated by seemingly meaningless marches and battles in the front less war SEALs went on missions with clearly delineated objectives and measures to judge success by Gene doesn t always feel like he made a difference but he often did Bottom line If you are looking for a classic novel with a well defined story arc and in depth character development then you will probably not view Wentz s offering as a 4 or 5 star book However if you are looking for a semi autobiographical in your face portrayal of the nitty gritty experiences of Special Forces in Vietnam this book delivers I would argue that there is character development you just have to read between the lines of the action to see it Given a rating of 45 stars or Outstanding RecommendedA suad of Seals Things I learned A brief description of Navy Seals in Vietnam from the Navy Seal Museum s offical site Interesting stuff on the rest of the website as well A study examining why SEALs handle stress better than other soldiers and potential implications in treating PTSD

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