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Last Vampire Standing Oldest City Vampire Book 2 review × 104 D then a stranger from the Atlanta vampire nest crashes her home looking for sanctuary A budding stand up comic Jo Jo's running from an undead superior eager to drive a stake through the heart of. I was iffy on reading the first book let alone the 2nd just because the back of the book makes it look stupid I actually put them back on the shelf at the library a couple of times when I found something else that I liked But this time I was desperate after going through a couple of books that I just couldn t get into so I picked up this series and started them I am glad I did The storyline is really cute The first book I think was better She was getting use to the now a days way of of life and trying to fit in as a human after being buried alive in a coffin for 200 years using her vampire hearing to listen to the world evolve around her wasn t enough In the second book it gets a little complex Jo Jo the Jester runs away from his Nest in Atlantas because his girlfriend leaves him for another guy Jo Jo was a court Jester back in the 1800 s when he was funny Now h

Summary Last Vampire Standing Oldest City Vampire Book 2Last Vampire Standing Oldest City Vampire Book 2

Last Vampire Standing Oldest City Vampire Book 2 review × 104 Second in the delightful series featuring a vampire princess in the Sunshine State adjusting to life undeath and that brutal Floridian sun 228 year old Francesca Marinelli thought her past was dea. Nancy Haddock really smoothed out in this second installment of the series It helps that the villains in this one were pretty straight forward with clear motives and actions that made sense once revealed It also helps that Francesca and Saber are together romantically and trust each other deeply That made it much natural for Saber to share information with Cesca and for them to function as a teamEverything I loved about the first is present and stronger in this book mainly Cesca s personality This book also stuck with her perspective throughout Cesca is now aware of the meta story of dark doings afoot at least enough so that Haddock wasn t compelled to include bits from some mysterious wizard s perspective this time I expected Jo Jo to be lame or stupid or distracting but that ended up a strong though side part of the story in a good way as wellI enjoyed the boo

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Last Vampire Standing Oldest City Vampire Book 2 review × 104 His dream job But Jo Jo's bad jokes aren't the only dark clouds on the horizon A psychotic vampire with a murderous agenda has followed Jo Jo to Florida putting everyone close to Francesca in dang. I ve had this book trilogy on my nightstand for months I borrowed it from the library and renewed it multiple times There were other important books that kept bumping up in the ueue like best sellers and book club selections or audiobooks or ebooks which were handier and portable than these books Additionally I feel judged reading vampire books where others can see the cover and smirk at me and my hubby complains about the nightstand light so for all these reasons I kept putting it off A little over a week ago I got the first book read and then I read the second one right after that It just took a few days for both of them This book was as good as the first one I liked following the vampire s adventures again It isn t anything to run out and convince everyone to read but I had a good day reading it

  • Paperback
  • 320
  • Last Vampire Standing Oldest City Vampire Book 2
  • Nancy Haddock
  • English
  • 13 April 2020
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