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fathermothergod characters Ô 7 Lucia Greenhouse ï 7 summary free read ☆ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ï Lucia Greenhouse Kids to the doctor's office they prayed and called a Christian Science practitioner    fathermothergod is Lucia Greenhouse's story about growing up in Christian Science in a house where you could not be sick because you were perfect; where no medicine even aspirin was allo. This was a book I could not put down Like Kathryn whose review is before mine I was raised in Christian Science We actually went to Sunday school together but my mother was very like Greenhouse s father Although not a teacher she had attended the classes and went each year to her Association I too wanted to hear about the religion and I did learn a few things but I wanted to hear how my experience matched that of the writer Did we see things the same way Did she have the same fears My mother too died because she tried to treat herself with prayer and a practitioner But unfortunately her lack of medical knowledge led her to a decision that changed everything and was an extreme one even for a Christian Scientist Surgery is best left to the surgeons according to Mary Baker Eddy My mother needed structural surgery but she chose not to have it and when she did finally decide to it was too late The part I find most interesting is how the stress and tension mount in Greenhouse as she tries to follow her parents wishes to not tell anyone while still coming to terms with the feelings she now as a non Scientist has with the depths of her mother s illness As the illness progresses she becomes and frantic and the people who should help her are the people perpetuating the problem From first hand experience I know how difficult it is to be in position of an adult child who has no say and who understanding Christian Science better that people not raised around it agree to let her wishes take precedent over your own And if and when she changes her mind you support that tooThis book is extremely well written with rising tension that matches that of a good novel while showing the kind of honesty and truth needed for a good memoir It is a very good read

free read ☆ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ï Lucia Greenhouse

fathermothergod characters Ô 7 Lucia Greenhouse ï 7 summary free read ☆ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ï Lucia Greenhouse Lucia Ewing had what looked like an all American childhood She lived with her mother father sister and brother in an affluent suburb of Minneapolis Lucia had no doubt she was loved and cared for But when it came to accidents and illnesses Lucia’s parents didn't take their. After reading a fair number of losing my religion memoirs I picked up this book with lukewarm expectations I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered that subject matter aside Greenhouse s book kept me turning pages well into the night Her narrative begins a tad slowly skipping through her childhood and adolescence with well written scenes of her own indoctrination Some readers will probably complain that she included too many doctrinal explanations while others will wish for I m in the latter camp But I digress These scenes gave me a cursory introduction to the basic belief system of Christian Science as well as an explanation for the logic however skewed that Greenhouse and her family will cling to when her mother falls ill Which is where the tension jumps and the reader can wave goodbye to an early bedtime What impressed me most is Greenhouse s ability to portray her family members as dynamic empathetic characters who hold wildly opposite beliefs She tells a heartbreaking tale where are no clear cut villains only good intentions misunderstandings and a belief system that is infuriating Best of all she never tells readers what to think she lets us see and feel it from her perspective Highly recommended

Lucia Greenhouse ï 7 summary

fathermothergod characters Ô 7 Lucia Greenhouse ï 7 summary free read ☆ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ï Lucia Greenhouse Wed In 1985 when Lucia and her siblings discovered that their mother was sick they came face to face with the reality that they had few if any options to save her Lucia pulls back the curtain on the Christian Science faith and chronicles its complicated legacy for her family. I really enjoyed this book s perspective Unlike Jon Krakauer s book Under the Banner of Heaven this book was written with the insight of somebody raised under a Christian Science roofPart 1 the basic principles of CS and their culturePart 2 mom gets sick and the family tries to cope with her illness via CS which amounts to only prayer and no acknowledging her illnessPart 3 fifteen years later the author s life after CS and her dilemma about whether to publish her story or notI liked reading about this religion and though I don t necessarily understand it completely at least I ve now been exposed to its inner workings I recommend

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