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summary Elemental Flame (The Eldritch Files #4) ↠ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Phaedra Weldon ´ 8 characters Ring Faerie ueen determined to make herself the ultimate ruler of the Faerie kingdoms Will Sam be able to rescue him or will Crwys and Sam be parted from one another forever Elemental Flame is the 4th book in the Eldritch File So much happened in this book it was jam packed with action The only downside of this book is Crwys is MIA for most of the book and I really started to miss him At the start of the book Sam is a complete wreck thinking that Crwys has stood her up and left town She has her elementals back from the Clerics but she s still in turmoil about her Arcane magic taking over and the deaths in the last three novels Sam is kinda being an a to her friends and doesn t seem too interested in helping Bastien with the baby wolf Sam and Kyle head out to do some investigating into what happened to Crwys when they are attacked by Blackwood s fetches Blackwood ends up getting Sam on camera using the Arcane yeah I think that s going to come back to bite her Eventually Sam and Kyle head over to Arden s house naturally what isn t she involved in where she s been cursed by Crwys about time she got a little blow back from her manipulations Sam finally heads out to the Lycans wolf compound after Bastien tells her about they re Bogart infestation Bogarts in this series are similar to the Bogarts from Harry Potter except that in their true form they are little troll creatures Sorry random side note In the process of helping Bastien Sam and co are attacked by Blackwood and the portal to the fae world is closed SPOILER I was stunned when Ivan died because I couldn t picture Sam being able to do her investigations without Ivan Good thing he just slipped into the portal So Sam and Bastien use their magic stick I thought the staff that can create portals anywhere was a bit of a deus ex machina but whatever to teleport to the land of the fae SPOILERS They make it to the winter ueen s palace and rescue Ivan and Crwys In the process they run into good old Medbv Oh and I was totally right Crwys is a dragon Here are my lingering uestionsobservations SpoilersBlackwood is still around and knows that Sam is using Arcane Dionysus has switched bodies and tried to frame Sam for Ina s murder It seemed like Sam slipped out of that too easily Crwys is a dragon It also sounds like he might be some kind of Greek god I want details Bastien made a deal with the Summer ueen What was their dealArden and the head of parliament are lovers How old is ArdenIs the Arcane voice going to take over Sam s soulCan t wait to read the next book Elemental Soul

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Elemental Flame (The Eldritch Files #4)

summary Elemental Flame (The Eldritch Files #4) ↠ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Phaedra Weldon ´ 8 characters I love you Sam I will always love you When Elemental Witch Samantha Hawthorne discovers her lover Crwys Holliard is missing she vows to find him With the help of her friends and an Alpha Werewolf who just won't take no for an OmgI am loving this series I keep picturing pokidex and wishing I had one Looking forward to the next one

summary ñ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ´ Phaedra Weldon

summary Elemental Flame (The Eldritch Files #4) ↠ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Phaedra Weldon ´ 8 characters Answer Sam follows clues that point them in the direction of the realm of Faerie a place Sam swore she would never return to The road to his rescue is blocked by conjured enemies a power hungry Magician a former ally and a war Excellent story of betrayal friendships and love Sam and Crwys have many things to overcome in this story With all the action and plots twists you will be too busy reading to put down this excellent book We have some surprises and some interesting new additions of help to the coven of Sam Ivan and Kyle The lycan will be very helpful I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did as I recommend this book

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