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free read Denton Little's Birthdate í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB You only live once unless you’re Denton LittleThe good news Denton Little has lived through his deathdate Yay The bad news He’s being chased by the DIA Death Investigation Agency he can never see his family again and he may now die any time Huh C. Denton Little s Still Not Dead is a hilarious follow up to last year s Denton Little s Deathdate It features all of the fun of the original with a heaping dose of existentialism This series is definitely for a certain set of readers The science of the world is explained a little but a suspension of disbelief is a reuirement It won t make you smarter but it will definitely make you laugh Highly recommended for the weird readers among us which includes yours trulyThis unbiased review is based upon a complimentary copy provided by the publisher

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free read Denton Little's Birthdate í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Do we cope knowing we could die at any time Would you save someone from dying even if they were a horrible person Is it wrong to kiss the girl your best friend is crushing on if she’s really into you instead What if she’s wearing bacon lip gloss. I loved this book I really really didn t want it to end I loved the relationship between Denton and Paolo and their banter and schemes are just hilarious I also really enjoyed the book s complexity and how it wasn t afraid to uestion the good side and call out view spoiler Cheryl s use of Denton in her agenda and her fear based motives hide spoiler

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free read Denton Little's Birthdate í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Heating death isn’t uite as awesome as Denton would have thoughtLance Rubin’s debut novel Denton Little’s Deathdate showed readers just how funny and poignant imminent death could be Now in this seuel he takes on the big uestions about life How. Chapters read 6Unfortunately much as I enjoyed the first book I m not feeling the seuel I was SO excited about this book because Denton Little s Deathdate was so charming and funny The thing is that I had some plot issues and this book is where the actual plot is My plot issues are already major and I m only just over fifty pages into it I m also finding the narrative voice much less engaging and funny than in the first bookThis is one of those times where I m going to pretend the first book was an open ended standalone

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