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  • Paperback
  • 382
  • City of Secrets
  • Mary Hoffman
  • English
  • 07 February 2019
  • 9780747592501
City of Secrets

Summary ã City of Secrets 106 Mary Hoffman ´ 6 characters characters City of Secrets Te who can travel through time using his talisman a leather bound book Together with Luciano and Arianna he m. I m sort of hoping there might NOT be 12 books in this series after only the fourth this one it is getting a bit tiring to read about people finding an object they are strangely drawn to falling asleep and stravagating to Talia From there they are bewildered and generally think it s a dream but still go on Haven t any of the talismans chosen not so well and the stravagante has freaked outAnyway the books could make up for that themselves but after the first two which I thought were really good the plots haven t been as original

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Summary ã City of Secrets 106 Mary Hoffman ´ 6 characters characters City of Secrets When Matt is unexpectedly transported to the Scriptorium of Padavia University he discovers he is a Stravagan. First I have to say that I love Italy so when I first got my hands on the first Stravaganza book I was really excited and it was greatThis one is the 4th one of the series and it travels us to a 16th century Padua of another world Matt is sad in his 21st century London life with dyslexia and self confidence problems when he finds a book that travels him to Padova in Talia There he meets a professor in a uni that tells him he is a Stravagante and he can travel with his talisman between the two worldsHe also meets another stravagante Luciano who is actually a dead boy from his school and lives his life in Talia In his world he comes across all the Stravaganti from all the previous books and together they help him adjust in his new lifeEverything seems great a new life in a world where Matt can read new friends and a new city until the di Chimici decide to trace Luciano and make him pay for killing a member of their family All magic becomes forbidden in Padua and the adventure beginsThe book is simple writen enjoyble and full of magic scenes I loved it And I can t wait to get my hands on the next one

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Summary ã City of Secrets 106 Mary Hoffman ´ 6 characters characters City of Secrets Ust fight the dangerous di Chimici clan who are on the verge of making a terrifying breakthrough into our wor. The series concept remains very good but it is becoming a lot of the same That won t stop me to continue reading though We finally get to go to Padua which we heard of in the first installment of the series as the place where Dr Dethridge teaches During my honeymoon my husband and I went to visit modern day Padua so it was a very fun read It really is a university town and that feel came through in the book very well even though there have been uite a few changes The evil eye part of the story I understand that superstition is very big in that era and that it had to be mentioned some time similar to the Zinti who we meet again yay but unlike the Zinti I do not have the feeling that the evil eye storyline adds anythingI m looking forward to how the story will continue and how the problems with the Chemici family will resolve themselves if they ever will