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Characters Ì eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ¸ Jaye Murray Jaye Murray ¸ 7 Read & download Read Bottled Up S difficult home life Now he's been busted by Principal Giraldi and given an ultimatum either he shows up for all his classes and sees a counselor after school or he's expe. This book is mainly about a kid named Pip who is going through a very tough time in his life His father is an alcoholic who is also violent He goes through a lot in his personal life which affects him at school and provokes him to skip class do drugs and drink a lot He used to get away with skipping class until the principle Mr Giraldi busted him and eventually called his father to tell him what he was up to and that s when Pips anxiety raises through the roof because he doesn t know how his father will react They send him to counseling and he has to take a Urine test and if it came out clean then he d stay in the counseling group He also tries to get back at his principle for ratting him out He just wants to find a way out of this life so he does whatever he can do to avoid it This book is very good for people who may struggle at home or at school maybe not the exact situation Pip is going through but the similarities This book sets a good example on how life may not be as easy to other people everyone has their own problems and their personal problems may get in the way a lot and affect them at school or with other people too it leaves the person traumatized

Characters Ì eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ¸ Jaye MurrayBottled Up

Characters Ì eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ¸ Jaye Murray Jaye Murray ¸ 7 Read & download Read Bottled Up Lled Pip's freaked out; not because he might get kicked out of school but by the thought that Giraldi might call his father Because Pip will do anything to avoid his father. This book was so intriguing I couldn t put it down The main character Pip was a bit hard to like at first but that s what kept me reading His father is an abusive alcoholic that leaves an impact on pip from the time he was born Pip has to take care of his brother Mikey and feels that he shouldn t be responsible for him The transformation Pip and his family goes through is amazing and it is definitely worth reading to find out 1010 recommend

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Characters Ì eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ¸ Jaye Murray Jaye Murray ¸ 7 Read & download Read Bottled Up Pip's desperate to escape his life he's been skipping classes drinking getting high Anything and everything to avoid his smug teachers his sweet but needy little brother hi. So Pip is a guy with a lot of problems1 His dad s a jerkand an alcoholic2 His mother s a pill popper3 He smokes way too much pot4 His friends are losers5 He has to take care of his brother6 When I say his dad s a jerk I mean he s an abusive horrible alcoholicI really like the voice in this book Pip seems like one of my high school students Not a specific one mind you but he sounds like he could be sitting in my classroom these thoughts running through his headPip s headed in the wrong direction when his principal gives him an ultimatum Straighten up or I call Dad Somehow no one s thought of this before Seriously if only it were that easy to get kids to think about straightening up Anyway I really like the adventure Pip goes on it s hilly rough and scary but he keeps plowing right through

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  • Bottled Up
  • Jaye Murray
  • English
  • 09 June 2020
  • 9780142402405