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A Humans Guide to Machine Intelligence

Download Ñ A Humans Guide to Machine Intelligence 100 A Wharton professor and tech entrepreneur examines how algorithms and artificial intelligence are starting to run every aspect of our lives and how we can shape the way they impact usThrough the technology embedded in almost every major tech platform and every web enabled device algorithms and the artificial intelligence that underlies them make a staggering number of everyday decisions for us from what products we buy to where we decide to eat to how we consume our news to whom we date and how we find a job We've even delegated life and death decisions to algorithms decisions once made by doctors pilots and jud. I am not ashamed to admit that in the age of technology I am a dinosaur Sure I have a computer and a smart phone but that does not mean I understand how to use them completely I have no doubt that my use of them only touches a small percent of their actual ability I can also honestly say that before the end of 2018 I had already deleted my Facebook account Goodreads is my only social media outlet I had noticed for some time the Facebook algorithms marketing to me but I see it here also I happened to Google Jelly Belly one afternoon not to buy jelly beans but I had a uestion regarding the company and for three weeks I had Jelly Belly ads on my Goodreads homepage I see so much reliance on AI that it startles

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Download Ñ A Humans Guide to Machine Intelligence 100 Ges In his new book Kartik Hosanagar surveys the brave new world of algorithmic decision making and reveals the potentially dangerous biases they can give rise to as they increasingly run our lives He makes the compelling case that we need to arm ourselves with a better deeper nuanced understanding of the phenomenon of algorithmic thinking And he gives us a route in pointing out that algorithms often think a lot like their creators that is like you and meHosanagar draws on his experiences designing algorithms professionally as well as on history computer science and psychology to explore how algorithms work and. A Human s Guide to Machine Intelligence How Algorithms Are Shaping Our Lives and How We Can Stay in ControlI finished reading A Human s Guide to Machine Intelligence by Kartik Hosanagar some months back but recently went back to it after talking to a friend about it Coming as I do from the unwired generation the book led me to my moment of personal epiphany Artificial Intelligence is not something that is going to happen in an Asimovisc future It s here already and in my life It hovers around my grocery orders my account my social media goings on and it s there nudging when I choose what music I want to hear or which movies to watch My second big realization Algorithms are no longer just

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Download Ñ A Humans Guide to Machine Intelligence 100 Why they occasionally go rogue what drives our trust in them and the many ramifications of algorithmic decision making He examines episodes like Microsoft's chatbot Tay which was designed to converse on social media like a teenage girl but instead turned sexist and racist; the fatal accidents of self driving cars; and even our own common and often frustrating experiences on services like Netflix and A Human's Guide to Machine Intelligence is an entertaining and provocative look at one of the most important developments of our time and a practical user's guide to this first wave of practical artificial intelligen. I am going to pretend shop online at Nordstroms J Crew etc and put the exact opposite profile on match I really enjoyed the book and seeing how corporations are using algorithm manipulation with AI

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  • A Humans Guide to Machine Intelligence
  • Kartik Hosanagar
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  • 03 February 2020
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