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  • Paperback
  • 224
  • Miss Whittier Makes a List
  • Carla Kelly
  • English
  • 08 April 2019
  • 9780451181534
Miss Whittier Makes a List

Carla Kelly ✓ 5 Summary Read À Miss Whittier Makes a List He perfect match it's only a matter of checking off her list to find an eternal lo This is my first Carla Kelly book I ve had this on my wish list foreverI finally got it and had the urge to read a historical romance I really enjoyed the writing The story is set in the early 1800 s The language is somewhat modernized which I appreciated A couple of words didn t seem to fit picky and boredI noticed very few other out of place wordsphrases I don t think that it was a big problemI got into the story very uickly The terms describing the ships and the crew was fascinating Hannah is a passenger on an American ship sailing from Boston to Charleston On the way they first encounter a British naval ship then are attacked by a French naval shipHannah is only 17 years old at the start of the book She has a wide eyed innocence about her She s from a uaker family in Nantucket The disciplined and cynical Captain Daniel Spark of the British Navy thinks of her as a nuisance She s very young and has no experience in the world The Captain is very harsh with her She eventually begins to soften up his gruff exterior Hannah begins to make herself useful on the shipThe sea battles were very realistic There s some political intrigue that began in the 2nd half of the book Hannah plays a big part in aiding Daniel and the British government I thought that the plot arched early The book had story left The last 2 3 chapters was spent on their relationship Would they be together Were they so different Would the sea always come first for Daniel Could Hannah give up her uaker way of lifeI give 475 stars since there s no epilogue I liked how the ending wasn t rushed This was a clean romance

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Carla Kelly ✓ 5 Summary Read À Miss Whittier Makes a List Lords in London's marriage mart is sorrowfully short so when Miss Whittier meets t This one started off well In fact I liked the book the entire time our couple was at sea which is than half the book despite Hannah s immaturity and Daniel s gruffness I liked the way their relationship developed and I thought their time aboard ship was realistically depicted But it started to fall apart for me when Daniel told Hannah he was in serious like with her I thought it a modern expression and an odd thing for a gruff sea captain to say And it got worse from there When our couple was back on dry land they both began acting like idiots to the point where I was ready to throw the book across the room and uit it altogether 200 pages into a 250 page story Daniel became a chauvinist pig and Hannah a weeping ninny But I wanted to see how our couple could possibly manage to get past the idiocy corners they d been painted into Well the answer was with idiocy Ugh Sorry y all but this one was just not for me

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Carla Kelly ✓ 5 Summary Read À Miss Whittier Makes a List She's making a list and she's checking it twice for the perfect man The number of Loved it Of course you have to leave reality at the door before you enter but still a very engaging read It had all the elements I love in a traditional regency romance Swashbuckling hero Feisty yet lovable heroine Laugh out loud moments view spoiler Especially when she meets Wellington darns his socks and tells him he should trim his toenails hide spoiler