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  • Paperback
  • 351
  • Der Erdbeerpflücker
  • Monika Feth
  • German
  • 08 October 2019
  • 9783570302583

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DOWNLOAD È Der Erdbeerpflücker D und sie verliebt sich in ihn ohne zu ahnen mit wem sie es in Wahrheit zu tun hat Jenna is a very young girl Daughter of the famous book writer She live with her two friends in a flat Merle and Caro Her parents are divorced Even her mom is very wealthy Jenna never depend on her mom for anything Nathaniel a strawberry picker He is a very strange person who only like woman who he think are like fairies He is a lonely person He like it that way Murders after murders all had done it with the same motive All those beautiful and innocent faces of those young girls Laying there in the wood lifeless The police are now investigating but so far nothing seem to get them anywhere with this case Caro one of the victim also was Jenna and Merle best friend Jenna had promise to find Caro s murderer and revenge One of the suspect person is Caro last boyfriend The one that no one knows nothing about Not even Caro know so much about him Jenna and Merle are now in searching of him but they had no idea how much danger they are in Many had warn them about it but they are too stubborn to listen This book was written to be read by teenagers The author know that at this age many teen been experience love and broken hearts So what the author trying to tell the readers is not to trust anyone Get to know them first cause you might never know what that person is really like on the inside The author also wrote the book to warn teenagers not to put themselves into dangers Also to teach teenagers that even words could put them in the most dangerous situation In life unexpected things always happen But every problem has a solutionso think about what you are gonna do to solve the problem first before making any bad decision The theme of this book is to tell a person not to ever trust anyone Also not to trust even the person that you you love because that person one day might betray you Also that even if you think you found the right person and that your relationship is going well Think twice about it because there will always be doubt in it

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DOWNLOAD È Der Erdbeerpflücker – und macht den Mörder damit auf sich aufmerksamEr nähert sich Jette als Freun This was the first novel I ve ever read in entirety in German so I was pretty proud of myself for that However it wasn t as good as I was hoping it would be The back cover basically gives away the first 220 pages of a 350 page book so it was hard to get through the first 50% of the book already knowing what was going to happen Needless to say it was a slow startThings I liked great descriptions different perspectives good character development of Bert Imke and MerleThings I disliked the back cover gives most of the book away Jette is way too dumb huge plot holes ends too uickly lots of clichesPerhaps it was the author s first book

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DOWNLOAD È Der Erdbeerpflücker Als ihre Freundin Caro ermordet aufgefunden wird schwört Jette öffentlich Rache I started reading this a couple of times and I am really not a person who stops reading a book so early but I just never really connected with the book It s probably better than my rating sorry