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Free download Hackers Heroes of the Computer Revolution Steven Levy ¿ 8 review review Hackers Heroes of the Computer Revolution ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF A mere fifteen years ago computer nerds were seen as marginal weirdos outsiders whose world would never resonate with the mainstream That was before one pioneering work documented the underground co I m still sort of processing this book a week later All the status updates I posted are notes I wrote on paper while I was reading alas I ran out of scraps while sick in bed somewhere around pg 350 the goodreads entry says this has pages than the copy I have btwNote this is a really long and somewhat rambling reviewA few themes stick out notably West coast vs East coast No seriously The first section is all MIT hackers the other two are west coast focused hippie hackers and the gaming biz Shockingly the hippie hacker community actually manage to get shit done My pet theory is that it relates to engagement with the rest of the world Those MIT guys really got to lock themselves away from everything and they really liked it that way There s some interesting moments of cognitive dissonance of the radical openness within the lab vs the military funding for the lab Which meant they were doing fascinating crazy stuff but it didn t necessarily have any effect on the masses Whereas the hippies or at least some of the influential folks in that scene actually cared about the rest of the world And of course the gamers were out to make money So they were the ones who got computing and the hacker ethos out into the worldAnother thing that I kept running into I d be excited about the hackers excitement totally understanding that sense of flowand then ugh thoroughly unpleasant people Not just unpleasant individuals but a repellent culture I found that most true of the MIT hackers and the gamers FWIWPossibly related the overwhelming maleness of the hacker culture throughout the entire book A lack of balanceAlso possibly related a uote about Stallman p 438 He recognized that his personality was unyielding to the give and take of common human interaction That line Made me bust up laughingAnother somewhat random observation baby boomers Didn t occur to me until reading the last afterword and the conversation between Levy Gates that all these hackers were boomers I d never really thought about the hacker ethoscommunity as also being a creation of that generation HuhWhat does all this mean to the things I ve ranted about on my blog I had that in the back of my head while I was reading based on an email conversation with the person who sent me the book I m still not sure It does make the underlying ethos of Facebook make sense although not any less repellent In fact maybe it s so because there s a historical thread connecting it to guys crawling through the ceiling to steal keys out of desks WTF That still blows my mind And thus a lack of learning how the rest of the world perceives reality And for the gender thing I see it even and I keep wondering how much of our current situation is inevitable given the history what would have happened if the history had been different etc It also contexualizes the history of sexism in computing against the history of sexism in general wait did that sentence make any sense the whole damn world was sexist then My mother was one of three women in her high school trig class and IIRC she was the only one who finished Whereas when I took higher math in high school I d say the class was split like 5050 So the idea of the MIT hackers that there s some biological difference that kept women out of their world is nuts Their world despite its lack of football was hyper masculine disconnected from anything that wasn t the guys and the machines The story of the woman whose program got screwed up because of an unauthorized upgrade by hackers and she was doing something real made a impression on me as far as that s concerned But that impression of hackerdom being a male province only fed on itself so that women who were interested in computers were an oddity For example what happened to the housewives who disappeared into the community center computer Why weren t they able to become part of the hacker communityAs I said I m still processingAnd that said it was a well written book fantastic story telling The follow ups were interesting as well given that the book ends basically with a reference to the movie Wargames Good stuff overall and definitely recommended

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Free download Hackers Heroes of the Computer Revolution Steven Levy ¿ 8 review review Hackers Heroes of the Computer Revolution ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Seminal moment when the risk takers and explorers were poised to conuer twentieth century America's last great frontier And in the Internet age the hacker ethic first espoused here is alive and well I really really enjoyed this book Levy tells the story in a way that flows from one brief era of the early computer age to the next There is still so much of those early days which defines how we build and use computers in the 21st century This book should be reuired reading for any programmer but I honestly think anyone would enjoy itPhilosophically there is so much bound up in the Hacker Ethic that I have never heard a hacker of any sort express it coherently When RMS presents it it s some sort of Ultra Liberal flavour of Americana Soaked Super Freedom ESR is probably worse Modern hackers miss the gossamer nature of the ideal and stomp straight into implementations Old hackers conflate a Hands On Imperative with DIY Somehow Levy captures everything I have ever wanted to express about the Hacker Ethic the way that Harari expresses the concept of Collective ImaginationHallucination These ideas do not subscribe the ephemeral political spectra and they don t fit cleanly into the ideas the reader holds before reading the first page Neither author is arguing for or against these ideas they re just presenting them The execution is so brilliant I can t believe friends and colleagues haven t been shoving this book down my throat for decades

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Free download Hackers Heroes of the Computer Revolution Steven Levy ¿ 8 review review Hackers Heroes of the Computer Revolution ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Mputer revolution that was about to change our world forever With groundbreaking profiles of Bill Gates Steve Wozniak MIT's Tech Model Railroad Club and Steven Levy's Hackers brilliantly captured a This book is divided into three basic sections The first about MIT hackers in the 1950 s and 1960 s is outstanding The second about homebrew hardware culture in the Bay Area in the 1960 s and 1970 s is decent but bloated The third about game hackers and Sierra On Line is mostly worthless I d recommend reading the MIT section and then readily giving up on the book after that

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