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review The Deadman's Pedal Ñ eBook or Kindle ePUB Into a community of jaded older men But that summer he is introduced to a world far glamorous and strange He meets the louche bohemian Alex and his dark gorgeous sister Varie all that remains of 'the doomed family' of the great house at Broken Moan where their father Andrew Bultitude is Commander of the Pass When Simon falls in love with the otherworldly Varie he is suddenly given a freedom and mobility that is both th. There was something very fitting about finishing this lovely coming of age novel on a train traversing the snow clad Oregon Cascades Our protagonist the bookish Simon is fed up with school he wants to work for his father s haulier firm but can t drive lorries for another couple of years until he turns 18 In the meantime he hooks up with Nikki Caine a serious minded young lady taking her to the very scant winching spaces The Port has on offer on his inadeuate Yamaha motorbikeAs an act of defiance he puts his name down at the Jobs Board at the Labour Exchange for two jobs traction assistant at the hospital where Nikki s beguiling elder sister works as a nurse and a job on Scottish RailSimon s other preoccupation becomes the children of the Bultitude Family hereditary Commanders of the Pass He stalks and eventually befriends Andrew the scapegrace elder son

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review The Deadman's Pedal Ñ eBook or Kindle ePUB It is the early 1970s in the Highlands of Scotland and for 16 year old Simon Crimmons there's really not much to do He can hang around with his pals or his first ever girlfriend Nikki he can dream about a first motorbike to get him out of the Port and among the hills but in truth he's going nowhereThe only local drama and romance is provided by the rural railway and Simon ends up working on the trains by chance thrown. yippee another Alan Warner And one says the Guardian not merely by far his best work to date it is an exceptionally fine novel by any standards His best to date Better than Morvern Callar the Sopranos or The Stars in the Bright Sky I must drop everything and read straight awayumm not uite straight away but started this morning on the train and there s that rich Warner like density to the writing which tells me I m going to like this very muchI did like it very much Review comingIt took me back to 197374 when I was almost the same age as the protagonist he s 1516 I was 1819 Carrying around LPs under your arm wearing CND badges having luxurious longhair It is a beautiful meticulous sensitive evocation of small town Britain at that timeBeing a short story writer and one who likes the excision of everything unnecessary I should bemoan Warner s relentless p

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review The Deadman's Pedal Ñ eBook or Kindle ePUB Rilling and vertiginousWith The Deadman's Pedal Alan Warner returns to the landscapes of Morvern Callar and his early novels a world where the real and the surreal grim trade unionists and the crazed aristocracy live under the shadows of the same great mountains along the same railway line A demented comedy a wild romantic fling The Deadman's Pedal is another thrillingly imagined adventure by one of our finest novelist. Set in 1970 s 15 year old Simon Crimmons is finished school for the Summer holidays He has a new girlfriend his first and is longing to get a job and a motorbike With his father running a haulage company this would seem an opportunity for a job However his father is adamant that he should stay in school and when he is 18 he can come work for him Much to his father and mother s dismay Simon eventually near the summers end gets a job as a trainee train driver his father s main competitors for carrying stockFrom Simon s considerably wealthy background his girlfriend Nikki is from the nearest town s estate so her family is somewhat poorerWhile out with friends and his wee brother coming from a country where wee is also along with Scotland used as a term meaning small I m used to using the word My own county s nickname is The Wee County he becomes enchanted wi

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  • 10 July 2020
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