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review ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ò Nicole Kimberling Irregulars Summary ↠ 104 Er carnivore chef turned vegetarian; Agent Rake Babylonian demon with a penchant for easy living; and Agent Silas August uncompromising jerkFour cities four mysteries four times the romance Is your security clearance high enough to read on this was pretty goodYeahThe worldbuilding was good Creepy but also cool The paranormal aspects were really well done And as far as mixed author shared worlds go I felt these authors worked really well to tie their stories together cohesivelyIf I were to rate the individually Ginn Hale s story would be the standout 5 star read of the bunch Imaginative emotive really well written and it could stand alone without the others but it was enriched by the details from the other storiesPlot wise I found Astrid Amara s piece excellent but the execution not as strong Hottest sex scene of the antho thoughJosh Lanyon s story was atmospheric and really sexy but felt less paranormal than the others which seemed odd since both MCs were otherworldly creatures shrugNicole Kimberling s story was gross And fun And really gross It was a great start to the anthologyAnd I know I just reviewed them backward but you know that s how it goesSolid anthology recommended

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review ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ò Nicole Kimberling Irregulars Summary ↠ 104 It’s a secret international organization operating in cities on every continent It polices relations between the earthly realm and those beyond this world enforcing immigration laws the transfers of magical artifacts and crimes against h This is four longish novellas in a shared world where our earth overlaps with other universes some mythological but others even foreign The Irregulars are a division of NATO charged with regulating travel and trade and making sure normal humans don t find out think MiB but with magic instead is aliens There is some character overlap but each story stands alone I thought they were all solid but my favorite was No Life But This by Astrid Amara I wouldn t say it was better than Hale and Kimberling s stories which I also really liked but it had a unusual protagonist and the sorta Aztec world with the complex calendar magic was something one doesn t see as often in anglophone fantasy

review ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ò Nicole Kimberling

review ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ò Nicole Kimberling Irregulars Summary ↠ 104 UmanityThe agents who work for the NATO Irregular Affairs Division can’t tell anyone what they do or how hard they work to keep us safe It brings a colorful collection of men togetherAgent Henry Falk the undead bum Agent Keith Curry form As Wave once put it this is royalty writing here indeed I ve enjoyed each of these author s works separately but together they created a world so multi faceted and uniue that someone could easily write dozens of stories inside it without repeating themselves once Fantastic alluring and simply awesome All stories are set in the same universe and each story contains a mystery a romance an aspect of worldbuilding and a message This setup and of course their shared universe connects the stories to make four pieces an almost seamless whole but there s also a distinct individuality to each novella which I d attribute mostly to each author s personal preferences and style Mind you we ve got four masters of their craft at work here so each novella contains all aspects and all stories are beautifully woven but each story focuses on one particular aspect of the basic scheme In order of appearance Cherries Worth Getting by Nicole KimberlingBeing in the forefront this story had to paint the backdrop for the other three which it did with subtle perfection by using bold strokes Sounds contradictory Well it isn t The key was using a normal place Portland in this case and a normal activity buying food from a food cart and then dropping a bomb smack in the middle of this peaceful scenery human meat as contraband From there I felt irresistibly sucked into a world where blissfully oblivious humans live side by side with beings from other realms where everybody could be wearing a disguise and next to nothing is uite like it seems Human meat is a traditional dish among otherworldly races like for example goblins and vampires but recently it has become a sought after delicacy for food crazy humans too Of course if you want to serve human meat you need a fresh corpse first And since we re still in the human world here killing of people is considered murder This is where the Irregulars come in Former chef turned agent Keith Curry and goblin expert Agent Gunter Heartman used to be lovers once but their antagonistic parentage drove them apart Now forced to work together they slowly find their way back to each otherThe focus here was on the mystery Hunting down leads some of them false uestioning witnesses perpetuating evidence the story had all the elements of a genuine murder mystery and a very good one at that It was also at least to me the most hair rising of the four Cannibalism just for the thrill of it OhMyGod Weaving an actually rather sweet romance into something like this and coming out with a positive message like don t let your preconceived notions stop you from falling in love with someone that s uite an achievementGreen Glass Beads by Josh LanyonAh the master did it again wove a story so full of subtle romance and sophisticated character development I couldn t help falling in love with age old Rake seemingly detached and single mindedly unscrupulous investigator and half faery Archer uick witted passionate intellectual This story may have some exciting cat burglar action magic wielding and bloodshedding but first and foremost it s a tender poignant heartwarming and yes VERY sexy love story It s the most character driven story of the four and its message is the simple ancient wisdom that love comes with true care and consideration and anything else is just so much noise No Life But This by Astrid AmaraIn regard to cruelty bloodshed and outlandishness this was the darkest and most sinister of the four stories in the truest sense of the word since the world of Aztaw it introduced literally has no light This story was also something of a maverick although it was still set in the Irregulars universe it created a distinct subsphere with a different set of rules Which was also this story s biggest forte The worldbuilding took my breath away with imagination and colorful weaving And then the character of Deven an assassin who kills as easily as he breathes but still somehow managed to retain his innocent soul which makes him something like a feral child He s slow to trust but once he does he s loyal to his own death Gruff and aloof agent Silas August balances Deven perfectly Those two found each other slowly almost reluctantly while the story moved around them and pulled them along with breathtaking speed to an explosive finale Things Unseen and Deadly by Ginn HaleWhile the first story set the foundation this last story wrapped everything up nicely though still standing very much on its own TO me this story was the most intellectual of the four from the whacked out cookie jamboree where all characters of the other storys make cbrief cameos to the many hidden hints and references at literature Sidhe lore music Talmudian mystery and contemporary history This story had also the most memorable character for me in Henry the Half Undead bum a man forcefully stripped of all his humanity who s still the epitome of a decent considerate being The story took a classic plot the lost prince and his world weary self sacrificing knight in shining armor and turned it into something uniue and new something very tender and touching as those two lost souls connect and ultimately save each other Every single one of those storys was a treat on its own but together they were just perfect They entertained me and touched my heart they made me think and flattered my intelligence they made my skin crawl and my heart race in excitement and had me laughing out loud than once Books like this one are rare gems that stand out like lighthouse beams from the fog of mediocrity Books like this one are the reason I read

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