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Desire Me

Desire Me Read & download µ 2 Nd a map to Atlantis and dedicated his life to the search for the mystical lost continent But when an alluring woman makes a wager for the priceless artifact he may have discovered an even greater treasureA descendant of Atlantis Sabine Tobias needs the map to decipher an ancient prophecy What she doe. This was a great book It had everything suspense romance adventure just to name a few The story was so good I loved the search for Atlantis It made the story so exciting I also really liked Sabine she was a great heroine While I didn t really have an emotional connection to any one character they were all easy to relate to Max was so cool and collected most of the time I was so infuriated with him at times because of this But I guess you can t make a life of searching for mystical artifacts if you get frazzled easily As we start to uncover some of the secrets of Atlantis and the sparks between Sabine and Max start to fly the story really starts to take off Although the opening of the story is pretty faced paced also Sabine s desire to keep her secret while also saving her family forces her to make some unwise decisions That and it s hard to keep things from Max when he stirs her up so much The writing was really good This was another one I couldn t put down The twists and turns are so unpredictable I was really shocked uite a few times I was so enthralled with trying to help them solve the riddle that even though I couldn t see what they were looking at it had my brain working nonetheless

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Desire Me Read & download µ 2 The Legend Hunters The Men of Solomon's meet in secret their very existence only a rumor among the best of Victorian society They are treasure hunters men of wealth and title seekers of myths and legends And no legend is as mystifying as the lost city of Atlantis DESIRE MEYears ago Maxwell Barrett fou. Maxwell Barrett found an ancient map of Atlantis when he was only 17 This discovery led of years of searching for even proof of the lost city s existence Sabine Tobias is an actual descendant of Atlantis and her aunt is even a guardian of the healing elixir from Atlantis When Sabine must use the map to uncover clues about an ancient prophecy that may save her aunt s life she has no choice but to seek Max s assistance Sabine and Max are not happy to be together on this adventure piecing together clues and possibly even falling in loveDesire Me was heavy on the action adventure and light on the romance The romance did kick into gear in the last 100 or so pages and I finally felt like I got to know the characters I didn t feel like I knew much about the characters at the beginning I did like how Max slowly very slowly revealed his real self at the end including why he pushed away anyone who got close to himThe most interesting character to me was probably one of the villains Cassandra was a great villain a vain society girl you love to hate She even had her evil footmanlover at her side to do all of her dirty work I would have liked to have seen of the other Legend Hunters in the story because I love secondary characters especially in a seriesThe Atlantis myth is fascinating to me and the Atlantaen elixir adds a bit of the paranormal to the story The paranormal elements seemed believable and blended into the story seamlesslyThis book will appeal to readers who like a good adventure and hidden clues to solve a la The DaVinci Code with a bit of romance thrown inThis book was provided for review by Hachette Booksreviewed for

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Desire Me Read & download µ 2 Sn't need are the sparks flying between her and Max He's too devilishly charming to be trusted The fate of her people is at stake as well as her heart Yet a ruthless killer also covets the map Now Max and Sabine must race to decode the prophecy's riddle before this criminal fulfills his deadly mission. This book didn t really hit it off with me I bought it cause of the good reviews and I ve pretty much learned my lesson with that I didn t feel any real development between the heroine Sabine and the hero Max Their relationship was mostly based on superficial aspects such as beauty and sexual attraction Throughout the book they just basically went on a treasure hunt for clues to find a weapon in order to kill the enemy The plot was uniue but it didn t pull me in I had to force myself to finish it because I never leave a book unfinished If you like a lot of sex that don t hold much meaning in most of the book and some mystery tossed in this is the book for you

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