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Harry Harrison ¿ 7 DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD Deathworld 107 Destroy manThe settlers there were supermen twice as strong as ordinary men and with milli second reflexes They had to be For their busi. Deathworld By Harry HarrisonSince I can t find The Adventures of the Stainless Steel Rat for Kindle and I can t find my hard copy or the time to read a hard copy I read Deathworld Thank you again for the recommendation Jim Deathworld was first published in 1961 maybe earlier This is a classic science fiction story If as I believe Bill the Galactic Hero is a satirical response to books like Heinlein Ra s Starship Troopers and The Forever War by Joe Haldeman Deathworld is Harrison s original work that looks at how Humanity handles conflict change crisis and stress which include war however it s likely about the Korean War since we were not yet fully into Vietnam in 1961 I may learn that the Bill books came out before our involvement in the Vietnam War and those other works that I mentioned In that case try John Wyndham George Orwell and Alex HuxleyIn many ways this is one of the better examples of a good old fashioned sci fi story from the days before Nixon the oil crisis Tehran and the assassination of John F Kennedy and his brother This was written during the days that duck and cover stood as a standing drill in public schools and boisterous threatening Soviet leaders like Khrushchev Stalin and Brezhnev threatened to crush the US and her Allies The US was recovering from WWII and the Korean Conflict whiles the Soviets Overpowered and intimidated the Chezchlaslovakia and kept an Iron grip over East Germany and Poland defying reunification Sputnik had already passed over our heads showing what we believed was Soviet tenacity and a desire to annex the entire world in defense of the Communist state or so we thought then This was the time that other classics that have for some reason become forgotten and passed by the way side like The Day of the Triffids by John Wyndham and George Orwell s 1984 and Animal Farm 1984 either explayed It was a different era where science fiction writers had a role in warning us how the future might turn out in dystopian novels that told of self assured mutual destruction Harry Harrison and Deathworld 1961 The story of psionic gambler Jason DinAlt with an altruistic core of gold in his heart and a stubborn pride that makes him want to prove his worth even in an environment that gives everyone around him a physical superiority Lord Kerk from Pyrrus a straightforward unlucky ambassador from the Deathworld whit limited intellectual curiosity and an even limited sense of creativity and imagination He and his people are survivors of colonists that settled on Pyrrus a violent untamed world with two times the gravity of Earth and the most lethal life forms in the universe Kerk hires Jason DinAlt to take his paltry few million credits and turn it into a few billion credits so he can finance weponry euipment and supplies needed to keep the flora and fauna of Pyrrus from literally eating every city dwelling Pyrran on the planet Jason succeeds and as part of his payment convinces Kerk to take him to see this Deathworld From the moment he arrives he s practically an invalid compared to the naturally robust Pyrrans because of the double gravity He manages to make his way through survival school where every 6 year old learns to survive in the hostile Pyrran wilderness and even convinces Kerk to let him leave the protection of the city He uickly finds out that there are some Pyrran Secrets and something is wrong with this planetvery wrongThe Pyrrans are hard boiled stoic people who know little of the universe outside of the Deathworld They are the Spartans of Ancient Greece born bread and trained for battle against the Pyrran creatures that assail their city every hour of every day Yet some part of Jason can feel that this can be fixed That this war can be ended and he sets about trying to do just thatbut what can one man do against decades of hate and battle hardened minds and emotions Is change even possible or are the Pyrrans doomed to die in battle This is a wonderful relatively straight foreword look at human conflict in a way which like animal farm and 1984 has themes that could can be found in any age where humans are pitted against humans or against the environment in which we live There is a lesson here about hate racism change and living in concert with nature for those willing to think about it Boy would I love having the power to force congress the senate and the white house to read this Of course unlike those other works that were so clearly an analogy with a message about Stalin War and Corruption this is also a wonderful space adventure story with powerful adversaries beautiful people and mysteries to uncover It s a tale of danger and excitement of war and death I ve given 4 stars to Deathworld and the only reason it s not a 5 star read is I believe Harry Harrison didn t want to write a five star read He didn t want an involved symbolic tale where the symbols and intellectual nature of the work often robs from the entertainment value This is a story for blue collar workers who favor directness like to be entertained The message is simple an clear about how important it is to just get along The story exciting and the setting fantastic So it s 4 stars for a lack of complexity a lack of commitment to it s broader message and the fact it s too short there are seuels but this will work as a standalone story It s 4 stars because I think that s how it was designed to be A Science Fiction Story for the everyman not just the educated inteligencia Well worth reading No warnings other than violencelots and lots of violence but it s well managed in keeping with themes and settings in the story and not particularly gratuitous This story is about us if we let ourselves take us too seriously It s about the dangers of getting set in our ways and it s about saving lives not losing them If you read this and cannot relate this to the war against terrorism the communication problems in our government and the struggle between business and the environment then you re not trying not that you have to it s still fun story without a message a really good read

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Harry Harrison ¿ 7 DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD Deathworld 107 Ness was murderIt was up to Jason dinAlt interplanetary gambler to discover why Pyrrus had become so hostile during man's brief habitati. I ve read this many times before my paperback copy of it is tattered enough to have a packing tape binding I first read it about a decade after it was published thought Jason second only to the Stainless Steel Rat for sheer panache I ve always liked the other 2 books than this one since they have better realistic points This one is OK but has kind of a depressing theme a society so wrapped up in its beliefs that it would rather knowingly follow them in to destruction than change Sound familiar And this was written in 1961 Still it s a cheery step up from my last book Under Western Eyes but then almost anything would be I m using it as a mental palate cleanser It was a great romp It s not really a 4 star book but a lot of nostalgia pours out of this one for me it s overall message is upbeat As tough as things are Jason manages to figure them out still make a snappy uip If you like the Stainless Steel Rat you ll probably like this Similar characterWhile looking up the correct edition to review I was surprised to see this is a LibriVox recording which is strange since I got it from my library Same narrator cover but no announcement of origins LibriVox has the second of this trilogy Deathworld 2 aka The Ethical Engineer but not the third neither does my library Bummer

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Harry Harrison ¿ 7 DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD Deathworld 107 The planet was called Pyrrus a strange place where all the beasts plants and natural elements were designed for one specific purpose to. A solid 35 stars rounded up to 4 for the fabulous memory it evoked In fact it was so good that I intend very soon to continue with 2 3 which have also survived since 1976 Full review to follow tomorrow The inside sleeve of the book tells me I bought this book on 6th October 1975 obviously with my birthday money I was 16 a couple of weeks before and to be honest I think I read it then and not since As a slight aside it is unfortunately one of only maybe 20 books that have managed to stay with me through my various house movesThe book is an easy reading roller coaster of a book with the hero Jason getting bashed battered and bruised through out the whole book before coming good in the end Is it a classic No but what it is is a fun read not too long with a good story some good characters and a happy ending As I said I enjoyed it so much I ve checked and the initial 2 seuels also survived my travels and are still with me so I shall read them as soon as my tight schedule allowsSo if you enjoy a bit of escapist fun sci fi then check out Harry Harrison s Deathworld books

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