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Download Con đường Hồi giáo ã PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Summary Æ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ↠ Nguyễn Phương Mai Giữa cơn sôi trào nóng bỏng của Mùa xuân Ả Rập Nguyễn Phương Mai lên đường đến Trung Đông từ Ả Rập Saudi theo con đường Hồi giáo tỏa lên phía tây để nhìn tận mắt chạm tận tay một Trung Đông thật từ trải nghiệm của chính mình Hóa ra sau tấm áo chùng đen u ám của cô bạn Hồi giáo mới uen là bộ ngực căng tròn với dòng chữ “No Man No Cry” trên. view spoilerAs I work for an Indonesian company I m very curious what are the differences between Muslim and Islam Why are Muslim people in Asia less conservative than ones in Middle East Having heard that this book is much better than Phuong Mai s first book I m a donkey I decided to purchase this book and it s completely worth spending It is jaw dropping and mind blowing it clears all my doubts about this regionThe author takes us across 13 countries Saudi Dubai Oman Yemen Lebanon Syria Jordan Palestine Egypt Libya Tunisia Morocco and Spain At the time she was travelling Arab Spring bursts out in this area The catalyst of this campaign was in a small town called Sidi Bouzi Tunisia In 2010 Mohamed Bouazizi burned himself with gasoline as he was unable to sell fruits on the roadside and beated by a policewoman This event leads to many strikes organized by the unemployed activists and the intellectuals who are dissatisfied with the existing political system I really admire Mai for her bravery to enlighten us with knowledge sympathy and surprise for this mystery region1 Saudi This country is entirely close to the world It turns out that Saud is a powerful family in Arab and some countries are named after them This country has extreme hard rules for women They have to wear abaya no driving no going out alone without accompanied by a male relatives I was very angry when reading the part about Vietnamese poor female labor working in Saudi being abused starved and even raped Unfortunately petroleum constitute tremendously to this country s economy that s why male becomes the main labor force2 Dubai It is known as one of the richest country in the world with charming billionaires wearing LV and driving a Ferrari Famous for 6 and 7 star hotels designed by Western architects Dubai has to welcome a lot of workers from third world countries to work on these buildings 95% of this country s population is foreigners3 Oman This country is extremely amicable with warm hearted people Their diplomatic policy is to open and make friends with every country in the world Women have a right to do what they want in this country This is a heaven the best country in Middle East Oman has a long history to conuer other continents which makes me think a lot as in Vietnam even now people tend to be stable not taking risk not challenging themselves with new horizons That s why we are always shy always full of prejudices and always care too much on others lives as our own life is too boring and we have nothing to do but gossip others 4 Yemen This is one of the poorest countries in the world with GDP per capita is less than 2 The main reason for this situation is their neighboring country Saudi Saudi has a policy to keep Yemen weak because if Yemen becomes wealthier they will buy back the petroleum area their greedy dictator sold to Saudi5 Lebanon Having been colonized by the French Lebanon is highly influenced by Christian However as the Islam dominate this country the Christian have to immigrate to Western countries They have a brilliant civilization with primitive alphabets which many countries imitate to develop their own languages The Lebanese have a great entrepreneurial mind and I will try one of their restaurants in Hanoi6 Syria It is not as chaotic as it is portrayed by the media There are still parties here and there The politicians in this country apply Divide and Rule policy they protect the minor religion and take advantage of the weak7 Jordan Dead Sea is the most well known place of this country which is the lowest point of the world Don t try to taste the water your tongue will ignite In this chapter it is excruciatingly disgusting when I know one rule in this country If a woman is raped she has to be witnessed by 4 other man otherwise she will be accused of adultery How uneual for women in Jordan Politicians just take advantage of uran to set whatever policy they want to women It is shocked that homosexuality is normal in Middle East As men have to keep distance from women infatuation between men is acceptable Some rich men even have a beautiful boy called halekon or bacha at home to have fun In Iran a trans manwoman is acceptable the government sponsor for medical transition But if you are a gayles you will be hanged8 Palestine Reading this chapter I realise the strategic importance of each small country in Divide and Rule policy Lebanon was separated from Saudi so that many religions will fight against each other Kuwait was separated from Ira so that this country cannot go far to the sea Israel for the Jewish and Palestine for the Islam Jerusalem which is the origin of Judaism Christianity and Islam is claimed by both Israel and Palestine as the capital9 Egypt Can t believe that one of the World s Wonder is dominated by scams Reading this chapter I don t want to come to Giza any Although the revolution in 2011 failed I can feel the heat and desire of young people there who are ambitious to change this country for better living standard and rebuild governmental institution10 Lybia I thought it is a poor country however it turns out that this country is very safe and has the same living standard as the Europe11 Tunisian Before Arab Spring Tunisia was a developed country with only 2% in poverty rate Euality was promoted to women political institution is as strong as Singapore and education system was ranked 17th The reason is they borrowed the laws from Western countries that s why they developed by leaps and bounds in a very short time I hope this country will come back to their heyday soon with their intelligent and hard working people12 Morocco No caviar no Rick Cafe there With the border near Spain Morocco used to colonize this country The Islam used to have a Golden Age where philosophy technology and art are highly developed 7th century to 13th century However Golden Age soon ruins and the Christian took Spain backLesson learned from this book There s no good or bad man There are just or less goodness or or less badness Don t just stay at your town go outside and see other countries Whoever wins or loses poor people have to pay hide spoiler

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Download Con đường Hồi giáo ã PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Summary Æ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ↠ Nguyễn Phương Mai Y băn khoăn về danh tính dân tộc rồi những bi kịch sự khốn cùng và những giá trị không dễ phán xét đúng sai Những câu chuyện ngờm ngợp hơi thở cuộc sống những nhìn nhận sắc bén của một nhà nghiên cứu nhà báo được chuyển tải trong lối viết trẻ trung cuốn hút sẽ khiến bạn khó lòng kìm nổi thôi thúc được bước cùng cô trên Con đường Hồi gi?. The book is informative interesting but i am not too much into it

Summary Æ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ↠ Nguyễn Phương Mai

Download Con đường Hồi giáo ã PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Summary Æ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ↠ Nguyễn Phương Mai Làn áo thun mỏng Hóa ra Trung Đông không phải là bức tranh một màu xám xịt của “Hồi giáo cực đoan” “khủng bố” “bất bình đẳng giới” mà là tấm thảm Tunisia nhiều màu sắc với trầm tích văn hóa hàng ngàn năm những công trình kiến trúc đẹp đến nghẹt thở với cuộc sống thấm đẫm tôn giáo cùng vẻ hiện đại và hào nhoáng tột cùng nhưng đầ. This book brings me a new perspective of Islam and the Middle East