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review Complications × eBook or Kindle ePUB Cat Grant ✓ 3 review Eric Courtland dreams of a powerful career in politics but when he begins taking his lover Nick Thompson for granted Nick decides that he's had enough of life in the background Devastated and alone Eric throws himself into the distractions of liuor and his college friend Ally TaylorWhat starts as a passionate rebound affair sp. This is book 3 in the Courtland Chronicles Series What do I say about Eric Courtland Nick Thompson has been in a relationship with Eric for over ten years When Eric starts taking Nick for granted Nick leaves him here is a man that has been in the back ground while Eric got married although they continued to be together Eric doesn t take the news that Nick is getting married well he starts drinking also there friend Ally whose has been in love with Nick since college also doesn t take the news well Eric and Ally begin to see each other Eric still has his sights set on running for office and he needs a wife and being Eric what does he do Eric makes a deal with Ally he will help her with her career and she will marry him what could a girl want right a rich hot man and great sex All she ask for is that he be faithful to her and he agrees thinking that Nick is married and no longer wants him This was a short uick read that was well written like the rest

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review Complications × eBook or Kindle ePUB Cat Grant ✓ 3 review Arks something deeper in each of them and as Eric finds healing in Ally's arms he makes an unexpected proposal he will offer his wealth and connections to forward her career; all Ally has to do is agree to marry him But is a promise of fidelity and an intense physical connection enough make a marriageSoon Ally finds herself fa. AAAACCCCKKKK If I didn t already own the next book in this series I would be pulling my hair out and screaming right now This book ends perfectly Leaving you clawing and wanting This story was wonderful in how it shows how two lonely friends meet back up after years of being apart They honestly feel for each other than they re willing to admit to themselves They marry and things are going better for Eric and Allison then either thought they could They are in love with each other but are afraid to name it that only willing to call it caring respect Then when you least expect it Eric gets a call from Nick Onto the next great installment So far they all have been really terrific and worth it Have I said how much I love this series

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review Complications × eBook or Kindle ePUB Cat Grant ✓ 3 review Lling in love with her new husband but their lives are thrown into chaos with Nick's untimely re appearance Secrets lies and betrayal threaten to undermine the growing bond between the newlyweds and Eric is forced to make a painful decision between the man he’s loved for over a decade and the new wife he can’t bear to hurt. No thanks because this series turns into a cheating thing with one of them getting married and still sleeping with the boyfriend I made the mistake of reading The Arrangement first Of course that put me off the whole series Don t like cheating

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