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Characters ñ Columbus Project Columbus #2 ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Free read æ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ó J.C. Rainier In the wake of a terrifying awakening the refugees of sleeper ship Raphael find themselves strewn across an island far from their intended landing zone The planet Demeter proves at once fascinating and deadly as Captain Kimura struggles to recover supplies scattered by the crash while reuniting the survivors both military and civilian in order to protect them f. The second part of the series focusses largely on the survivors from the ship Raphael first to arrive at the new planet and destroyed by a reactor breach on the final approach who struggle to survive in their new and entirely unknown environment Scattered into small groups with limited radio contact many dead or injured when the pods crashed to the ground and the military command structure virtually non existant they face sickness indigenous predators supply shortages as well as strife within their groups Meanwhile the two remaining sleeper ships approach the planet knowing only that disaster befell Raphael shortly before the ship was able to land Unable to make contact with anyone on the planet the two crews assume the worst With their respective commanding officers at each other s throats things to do bode well for the futureI was glad to see Haruka get a lot of time on the page as well as getting to see events on the ground through the perspectives of new POV characters Lots of action and we got answers to some uestions left open at the end of the first book With the survivors of the first ship beginning to settle down after facing their first trials on the planet I assume the next part will spend a lot of time with the other two crews I just hope we ll get some new POV characters there too because I still find Calvin extremely annoying and always feel tempted to skip his parts if it weren t for the possibility of missing important parts of the story when he s with other members of the crew rather than engaging in teenage drama And there better be a good reason for this ridiculous pissing contest the two Colonels have going on because seriously people Don t you have anything better to do Like say acting in the best interests of those 4000 people you re supposed to be responsible for Oh well We ll see where that goes

Free read æ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ó J.C. Rainier

Columbus Project Columbus #2

Characters ñ Columbus Project Columbus #2 ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Free read æ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ó J.C. Rainier Ze that the conseuences of failure are too great to consider Cal McLaughlin awakens brittle having been weakened by decades of nightmares In spite of his hardships the young man is determined to try to make himself useful once His condition rouses distrust in many and a fateful outburst at an inopportune moment leaves the entire outcome of the mission in jeopar. I was worried that since this was book 2 in a series that I was not going to be able to follow the story I could not have been wrong It is written so well it can be read as a stand alone or as part of the seriesI am a huge science fiction fan and Columbus Ashes was just what the doctor ordered We follow several groups of survivors military and civilian whom have crashed on a hostile Earth like planet Captain Haruka must gather as many supplies as possible and set out on a journey through unknown hostile territory to re unite with other survivorsThis book offers murder mystery suspense action betrayal and death with great character development I cannot wait to see what happens in book 3 I am going to pick up book one just because I like the way the author writes and not to fill in story plot linesI highly recommend to any Sci Fi fan although it is sure to please those who enjoy suspense murder and mystery

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Characters ñ Columbus Project Columbus #2 ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Free read æ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ó J.C. Rainier Rom nature and each other The revelation that Raphael has been destroyed leaves the crews of Michael and Gabriel at each others throats In the face of a near war between the vessels Lieutenant Owens desperately works to repair the rift between the commanders His success may hold the key to saving the mission As he races to avert a meltdown Darius comes to reali. I just read Ashes straight through today is release day and was very happy with the book This volume builds on Flight very nicely indeed offering us a great look at the aftermath of the disaster which befell RaphaelMuch of the book belongs to Captain Kimura and the other survivors but we do see Cal and Darius again in parts As far as Haruka is concerned she and the rest of the crashed military and civilians face a heck of a rough time As one might expect from how Flight ended the problem lies in how scattered and unprepared they are Ashes focuses on the human cost of this situationThere s death betrayal action suspense and awaiting readers in this volumeThe ending is a bit rounded off in Ashes than it was in Flight There s obviously a lot to wonder about and a definite what s going to happen in Demeter uestion but it s not uite the same post calamity mess that Flight left us with and for that I m honestly thankful I d rather not wait another six months tugging on my hairFive stars Sci fi adventure fans get in on this one It looks like a great series not sure how many books than three is shaping up

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