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Christmas Sonata Read Ì 6 A young boy and his mother spend Christmas 1943 with relatives in northern Minnesota while his father is fighting in the war in Europe  They take a long journey by train to a snowy land of vast frozen l. Christmas Sonata by Gary Paulsen was an easily relatable book I found it interesting because the main character was the narrator and the main character was a small boy It was normal for young children to uestion many things but after he saw his neighbor dressed in a Santa suit he just lost his willingness to believe in him It was interesting to see how a little boy perceived the different ideas that people talk about For example the book took place during World War II so every time he heard that somebody died he just thought that they went the Europe aren t going to come back The little boy lived in an apartment with his mom His dad was away in Europe fighting in the war His mom worked long days to pay for the apartment and food She sometimes relied on the neighbors to keep track of her son They were all really nice and never had a problem watching him for a little while after school There was an older man that was kind of grumpy toward the little boy One day the boy came running down the hallway and the old man s apartment door was open The man was leaning up against the kitchen counter in a Santa suit drinking a glass of wine The boy looked at him and ran the other way The boy told his mom when she came home that he saw Mr Henderson the old man dressed up like Santa A few days later his mom came home and said that they were invited to their relatives for Christmas She said that it was and eight hour train ride to their town At first they weren t going to go but then they decided to On the train ride there he got in a little trouble but nothing major Being that the ride was so long they had to eat on the train Money was tight so they both ordered liver and onions the cheapest thing on the menu When they got off the train the temperature had dropped to below zero His aunt and uncle had been waiting for them They got in the car and went back to their store that they lived in and ran There they met his cousin Matthew who was battling a terminal illness They said that it was going to be a very special Christmas The next day they got up ate and the little boy went to explore the store He found all sorts of interesting things When Matthew woke up he joined him to play and found that he was bed ridden He could not walk any and had turned a yellowish color It went on like that for a couple of days until Christmas Both of the boys said that they didn t believe in Santa The adults finally convinced them otherwise On Christmas Eve they underwent their family tradition and then they heard something Sleigh bells from out side They all rushed out there and met SantaI found it uite interesting to read a book that the main character was telling the story and that it was told through the eyes of a little boy during World War II I think that it would have changed a little if it was told through a girl or an adult because it would change the relationship that was between him and Matthew his older cousin The representation of a World War II family also helped to understand what went on at home during the war The little boy s dad was away fight in Europe and wasn t home for Christmas At the time the boy didn t understand death yet because he was just starting to understand and comprehend what adults talked about Multiple times in the book he states that death was when you go to Europe and don t come back His mom was a hard working person that was just making enough money to get by in the sense that there wasn t a whole lot of extra money to go around Through the book I could understand the hardships and difficult choices that had to be made on wether or not to visit relatives for the holidays Matthew plays another key part in the book because he was the sick cousin that was going to die That was why the boy couldn t figure out that he was still at home and wasn t in Europe If the book didn t take place during World War II it think that it would change a lot of the meaning behind the book The little boy would probably have a better understanding of what dying was because he would think it just meant not coming home from Europe There was also the fact that his dad was in Europe fighting so it made times harder for his mom to make choices about money because they didn t have a lot It also definitely added to the story that it was in the northern part of the USA If it would have taken place in a southern state with a warmer climate I don t think that it would have meant the same when his uncle said that he had to leave the car running so that it doesn t freeze up He also said that their was fuel rationing that was going on Another example of the troubles that happen at home during a war Everything becomes scarce The setting of the book really shows the atmosphere of a typical American family during the time periodI think that it is important to understand the hardships that go on in this time and the ideas that are shared among the blue collar Americans at the time It is a great book that can be understood easily for a younger child to read and get a good idea of what it was like during war time I feel that it is important for the younger generations to understand what their older relatives have been through It can be a learning lesson for them tooI feel that it would really benefit a young boy mostly because of the view the book is told through I think that it would really be relatable for a child because it is told through a little boys eyes Overall it was a great easy read book that I would recommend to anybody over the age of six

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Christmas Sonata Read Ì 6 Akes deep and sparkling cold and the most magical Christmas tree the boy has ever seen  He knows this will be the last Christmas he will spend with his cousin who is dying  The boy's uncle overhears t. I read A Christmas Sonata by Gary Paulsen I thought this was a good book but that was filled with childhood wonder This book made me full of Christmas joy I liked this book along with other of Gary Paulsen s books This book started off as a boy who spent Christmas with his mother He didn t believe in Santa Clause and always asked uestions about him Him and his mother went on a train ride and explored Europe His cousin was very sick and they knew that he would die and that this would have been his last Christmas The boy felt really bad about his cousin so he wished to Santa and a Christmas miracle happened and the boys cousin was cured and he survived I would recommend this book to both males and females around the age of 6 12 and that they read this book around Christmas time I feel that it would fill them with the Christmas joy and they would feel happy and warm

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Christmas Sonata Read Ì 6 He two cousins say there is no Santa Claus and in a grand gesture that is nothing short of a Christmas miracle he restores the children's faith in the spirit of the season From the Trade Paperback edition. It s very much in the same realm as The Polar Express but it sits entirely within the world of Minnesota during World War II There is no fantasy This is a story of true feelings real belief and the inexplicably magical memories of Christmas that we can allow ourselves to create It s maybe sappy sure but all the best Christmas stories are anyway Spoiler I ll give you the final bit It was him for each and every Christmas of each and every year that I have lived since then and will still be him for each and every year that I have yet remaining It was him

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