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Children of Ambition

READ ò DUGISITS.CO.ZA Å J.J. McAvoy J.J. McAvoy Å 1 READ & DOWNLOAD READ & DOWNLOAD ↠ Children of Ambition Show me a strong woman and I’ll show you the scars on her soul that made her so” Everything I’ve done everything I will dono remorse The world is a vicious place for a woman It’s even crueler to the daughter of the Ceann Children of Ambition book 2 of 4 Mob princess Donatella Callahan was born to reign the hero who found her might just give her what she deserves I would have left you out there and thrown this ring back at you if I saw weakness I see what your enemies see a sleeping dragon I m the only woman who can make sure everyone knows you re awake Books in Children of Vice series should be read in orderBook 1 Children of ViceBook 2 Children of AmbitionBook 3 Children of RedemptionBook 4 Vicious Minds Part 1Book 5 Vicious Minds Part 2The next generation of Callahan s rule Chicago and control crime and drugs across the globe Donatella grew up a mafia princess it s time for he to claim her crown Opening Shocking Plot While the family saga continues Donatella gets her own romance Heroine Donatella is her mother s daughter but she is also her own person 5 stars Hero A man with many secrets who is cocky carefree strong manipulative and entitled enough to stand up to Dona Ethan Callahan is his parents son and the true Ceann na Conairte head of the Callahan empire Your life is not guaranteed My sister is not your insurance Do not test me and this vast benevolence I am bestowing upon you Wyatt is back What joy to get to know the brother the man the god the manwhore Ending Revelations truths bittersweet reunions new horizons New bonus epilogue Jawdrochokengtitiktitiktitikchokenging ending to book 2 Now be a good husband and make me moan Without a second to waste he has us both on the floor Do you want to moan like a wife or a whore Hero 12Heroine Plot Storytelling Sexual tension Sex scenes Story ending OVERALL RATING Angst MEDIUM FOCUS Darkness HIGH FOCUS Humor HIGH FOCUS Kink MEDIUM FOCUS Romance MEDIUM FOCUS Sex freuency MEDIUM FOCUS Suspense HIGH FOCUS Alpha copies provided to me by author JJ McAvoy in exchange for honest feedback review

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READ ò DUGISITS.CO.ZA Å J.J. McAvoy J.J. McAvoy Å 1 READ & DOWNLOAD READ & DOWNLOAD ↠ Children of Ambition Cious mafia princess Bone by bone she broke me first so no one else could and bone by bone I pieced myself back together I am no longer just the daughter I am the Don I am Donatella Aviela Callahan and there is only one way my w What can I tell you I live for this series and its characters Ms McAvoy could write 300 pages how the Callahans suffer from the bad case of diarrhea and I would still give it 5 that s how much I adore them I can t explain why I just do If you re a fan of this series you should go in blind I won t spoil it for you I ll just babble in this reviewI think it was better and very different than the first one in this spin off series but completely unresolved Fast paced with action violence twists blood and ruthlessness which I find oddly amusing while I uestion my moralsI was so disturbed by the shocking event the scene running an infinite loop in my mind that I couldn t sleepI had to start reading another book immediately just to calm downI read it in one sitting even if I deliberately took pauses to prolong my enjoyment To be honest I don t care much about the other characters other than the ones with the Callahan last name My most favorite are the Mel and Liam s children ofc I love Ethan DonaWyatt eually They are my precious monstersI need the 3rd book yesterdayCan someone please spellgrammar check the next book before it comes out I wanted to use a red pen on my Kindle and correct all the mistakes It was horrible and I m not even fluent in English I love you Ms McAvoy keep writing


READ ò DUGISITS.CO.ZA Å J.J. McAvoy J.J. McAvoy Å 1 READ & DOWNLOAD READ & DOWNLOAD ↠ Children of Ambition Na Conairte discarded married off left powerless But I am no ordinary daughter of the mafia Unlike every other mafia family my mother was Melody Callahan Bloody Mel the Don of the Italian Mafia and the Don didn’t raise some pre 35I delayed reading this for two reasonsFirstly the ending of the previous book Vice I wasn t sure I liked where this was heading and so I held off I know I know I should have had faithSecondly reviews came through mentioning the cliffhanger ending and since I m not a huge fan of cliffies I held off and I m so glad I didBefore I start my review I have to say that I absolutely loved the whole Ruthless People series and Vice and as soon as I ve finished this review I m moving straight onto Redemption But I didn t love this I really liked it parts of it I loved but as a whole noI m not sure whyI mean all the mistakes didn t help but it wasn t really that it just felt too much at times Plus I was annoyed that Donatello and Gabriel s story didn t move forward at the pace I wanted The book was running out of pages and I couldn t understand why it wasn t going faster Surely their story wasn t going to take up most of Wyatt s bookIt wasn t until I d finished that I discovered their story is continued in a spin off I wish I d known that earlier it would have saved on some reading stressAnd yes I ll definitely be reading the spin offI m not sure why this didn t click for me like all the others have but its straight onto Redemption for me nowAnd talk about cliffhangers I m so glad I waited until the next book was out

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