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  • Broken Escalator
  • Christopher Munroe
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  • 14 January 2018
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DOWNLOAD Å Broken Escalator DOWNLOAD × E-book, or Kindle E-pub ¼ Christopher Munroe REVIEW Broken Escalator Et the things I had to endure and the lengths I went to to survive a broken escalatorBroken Escalator is a surrealist horror novel by Christopher Munroe where mechanical failure spirals uickly out of control and human nature is discovered to be by turns nobler and brutal than anyone could imagine Or at least than anyone would like to adm This is a terrifying and humorous tale about just how dependent humans are upon all our modern compliances with a dark supernatural twist

DOWNLOAD × E-book, or Kindle E-pub ¼ Christopher MunroeBroken Escalator

DOWNLOAD Å Broken Escalator DOWNLOAD × E-book, or Kindle E-pub ¼ Christopher Munroe REVIEW Broken Escalator On October 5th of last year the escalators at West Edmonton Mall shut down simultaneously due to what was believed to be a series of mechanical failures stranding thousands on the second floor By the time a rescue operation could be organized and mounted nearly everyone on the mall’s upper level had been killed and to this day few peop Broken escalator is an eerie crossing of an otherworldly fantasy like the Wizard of Oz with the Lord of the Flies This book can t be shelved anywhere but horror and please put it with the most psychologically twisted in the category thank you The only reason I don t give this book five stars is that it has scarred me to landmark I must visit every week That and the small hand holding I needed to make it to chapter three It was hard to swallow that first moment when people look at the broken escalator and don t just walk down as happens every other time the darn things stop working I had faith recognized the signs that something odd was at work and plowed on I m very glad I did For his first full length novel Christopher has provided a wonderful offering one that should not be sacrificed with a ceremonial dagger on the Chapters counter but shared in a less destructive way I m not a horror reader by nature but I enjoyed the chilling scenes the psychotic characters and the pure evil that existed in this book Rarely do authors get so clear a mission as to have good triumph over evil but here it is

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DOWNLOAD Å Broken Escalator DOWNLOAD × E-book, or Kindle E-pub ¼ Christopher Munroe REVIEW Broken Escalator Le if any understand what really happened during the period when that area of the mall was cut off from the rest of the world My name is Christopher Munroe and this is the story of what happened to me This isn't the whole story of what happened at West Edmonton Mall that horrible day but it is my story This is the story of the people I m I received a copy of Broken Escalator at no cost in exchange for an honest review The synopsis gives us a popular shopping mall filled with people on two floors When the escalators stop running thousands on the second floor find themselves trapped with no means of escape Then the negative aspects of the human element kicks in and things go bad The author calls it a surrealist horror novel and the premise alone is what made me immediately jump at the chance to be a reader I finished it just before 300 am this morning had to know the ending and am both glad to have had a chance to read it and happy to provide my thoughtsWhat I l enjoyed about the bookI enjoyed this story and look forward to reading books from the author I like his ease of writing style and the creativity of plotting As the story unfolded it was evenly paced and I didn t feel like I was being set up for a false turn or force fed emotion The book isn t scary like jump in your seat from surprise It is a psychological dread that creeps up on you and keeps you moving forward through the pages There is a bit of The X Files trust no one vibe that starts to set in as nothing is as it seemsI like the sly focus on consumerism as an underlying piece of the book Product mentions what people are shopping for etc Also the protagonist s play by play first person account is very stream of consciousness which works uite effectively for us in getting into his head how he thinks and why he acts or doesn t act as the story continuesThe characters are realistic in their actions and reactions to each other and each new stressor The psychological aspect of human behavior fascinates me and this story goes down that avenueI am not a big shopper and hit malls only a few times a year to catch off season sales I must admit that the next time I m up on a second or third floor I might think a little about what is going on behind the walls and side eye a few of my fellow shoppers What threw me a littleLike other reviewers have mentioned until chapter four I kept wondering why someone in the second floor group didn t have the immediate thought of walking down the escalator looking for stairs or an elevator The reasons for the seemingly lack of common sense come forward later in the story but it was a point that kept pulling at me I read this on my Kindle and started typing note uips on how the lack of thought about emergency exits didn t make sense I just counted and see I have six notes As it became obvious that there were strange forces and stuff off going on about the situation I finally accepted none of them considered it and kept reading However being that pulled out of the story makes me rank the book at three stars versus fourThe story becomes a little telling for a few pages towards the end as some mysteries are cleared up The struggle that leads us to the end also hit me as a little too perfect