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Zodiac The Eco Thriller

SUMMARY í Zodiac The Eco Thriller Unconventional weaponry Sangamon Taylor pulls off the most startling caper in Boston Harbor since the Tea Party As he navigates this ecological thriller with hardboiled wit and the biggest outboard motor he can get his hands on Taylor reveals himself as one of the last of the white hatted good guys in a very toxic worl A uirky scientistToxic James Bond for the environmental group G International cruises Boston harbor in his Zodiac boat looking for chemical hot spots When he finds on that mysteriously disappears again he is on a search that puts his career in danger and then puts his life in dangerMore science based adventure thriller than science fiction it is still a fun little romp through the Hub of the Universe and my old stomping groundFulfills several possibilities on my St Mary s County Library Summer Reading Challenge bingo board Fulfills part of several Seasonal Reading Challenge tasks primarily Task 2510 BellaGBear s Task OLD LOVE AND NEW LOVE Another book towards my goal of Read All The Books 2017 Edition A New Hope

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SUMMARY í Zodiac The Eco Thriller Is every move followed he's adopted by reservation Indians moves onto the FBI's most wanted list makes up with his girlfriend and plays a starring role in the near assassination of a presidential candidate Closing the case with the aid of his burnout roomate his tofu eating comrades three major networks and a range of An extraordinarily fun book Stephenson meshes hardboiled crime with the pacing of a thriller and he populates the book with his typical nerdy witty humor It s not so much a sci fi book as it is a thriller with a lot of hard science behind it It is so delightful reading a Stephenson book narrated in the first personZodiac was WAY ahead of its time upon publication in 1988 Computers gadgets pollutants and the corporations legally inculpable for complex reasons that dump them everywhere you name it Stephenson foresaw it

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SUMMARY í Zodiac The Eco Thriller Sangamon Taylor's a New Age Sam Spade who sports a wet suit instead of a trench coat and prefers Jolt from the can to Scotch on the rocks He knows about chemical sludge the way he knows about evil all too intimately And the toxic trail he follows leads to some high and foul places Before long Taylor's house is bombed h This book revolves around toxic waste being illegally dumped into Boston Harbor While I was reading it the water in the fish tank went mysteriously cloudy overnight despite being recently cleaned and our two goldfish who were like ten years old went belly up So that was kind of creepyThe first Neal Stephenson book I read was Cryptonomicon and I jumped from there right into The Baroue Cycle and then the brain busting brilliant behemoth that was Anathem I loved them all but saw freuent complaints from other Stephenson fans that he d gotten boring and his books were too long After reading Snow Crash last year and now Zodiac I understand where they re coming from I d politely disagree but now I think I ve got a better idea of why fans of earlier work are frustrated with Stephenson s later books And oh by the way his new novel coming out in September is over 1000 pages so I don t think he ll be scaling back any time soonSangamon Taylor is the granola James Bond and a self described professional asshole A chemist who works for an environmental outfit that starts with the letter G ST works tirelessly to stage flashy events that expose the illegal dumping of toxic waste and sometimes he gets a little hands on then just calling the media but he refuses to cross the line into violence His main area of expertise is all the illegal dumping into Boston Harbor and he spends most of his time zipping around on his Zodiac boat charting the chemical levels figuring out how it s getting in the water and then ripping the ass out of the corporation doing the polluting ST is cocky smart and has the MacGyver like mechanical skills to use toilet parts and salad bowls to block off a mile long underwater pipe being used to illegally dump toxins ST s crusade against the illegal waste dumpers of the Boston area eventually gets him mixed up with a conspiracy involving some extremely dangerous toxic waste and a presidential candidateAs usual Stephenson is a bit ahead of his time in this book written in 1988 ST and his friends seem like Gen X 90s then the New Wave 80s and the book manages to avoid seeming dated despite the lack of cell phones and the Internet in the story I loved the character of ST who seemed like a foul mouthed version of one of the Mythbusters who has nothing but hatred for the soulless corporate yuppies and contempt for the spacey granola heads of the environmental movement who can t do the simplest mechanical task The schemes he cooks up are innovative and funny and it was nice to have a main character who was genuinely trying to do something for the greater good without being either cynical or sanctimonious I did get a few laughs out of ST s strategies which usually involved exposure to the media and his confidence that public shaming was the way to force a giant corporation out of business Oh how uaint that seems when we all watched an oil company spill crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico on cable news daily for over two months and is still doing business as usual This was a smart and funny ecological thriller that was way ahead of its time