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Read & download Risk of Falling Syndi Powell ↠ 7 Read & download Characters á eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ↠ Syndi Powell D of a memory of her mom When she can no longer do it on her own she has nobody to turn to but Will And if she can help him through his own family crisis maybe together they can find than mutual support and friendship Suzy Bylin s life is a mess Literally and in every possible way Too bad the man who s causing her so much trouble is also the man who makes her heart beat extra fast poor Suzy s heart is in trouble than she could have guessed She hasn t fully dealt with the pain of losing her mom and her job as a hospicesenior home nurse takes a toll emotionallyI loved this book and flipped right through to the end waiting to see if things would turn out the way I hoped they would I am loving Harleuin s new Heartwarming line and this was the first book I ve read from that line Suzy and Will are cute characters truly this book warmed my heart 3

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Read & download Risk of Falling Syndi Powell ↠ 7 Read & download Characters á eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ↠ Syndi Powell Grief doesn't come with a deadline  She's got thirty days to clean up her mother's neglected home or she'll lose it That's all city code inspector Will Stone has given her And it's not nearly long enough for Suzy Byl Suzy Bylin is still grieving her mother a hoarder whose house is practically unlivable When Will Stone the city code manager tells her she has 30 days to clean it out or have it condemned Suzy knows she may lose it but she can t seem to let go of all the things that reminded her of her motherWill s mother is brought to the nursing home where Suzy works and her time with her new patient reveals some truths about her life and herself that Suzy has never really considered While she has always been upbeat with her patients she can t bring herself to accept that she might be attracted to WillWhen she reaches a crisis point about the time when Will s mom has to begin chemo each of them needs the other but how can they help each other when Suzy refuses to talk to WillThree kittens the wedding of the town s mayor and Will s mother all combine to force the two of them to admit how they really feel and what they really want out of life

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Read & download Risk of Falling Syndi Powell ↠ 7 Read & download Characters á eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ↠ Syndi Powell In to sort through the lifetime of old treasures and broken keepsakes she's inherited Desperate to keep the place Suzy must steel herself against the feeling that every time she throws something away she's getting ri Suzy s mother was a hoarder and after the death of her mother she was stuck with the deadline of cleaning up or getting kicked out Will is the inspector who issued the deadline and is dealing with his own set of issues As much as she wants to get rid of her mothers stuff Suzy can t help but feel stressed out by the weight of everything and just when thing starts to look up things get worse Will she be able to get through the junk in time to keep her homeI thought that this book was interesting I liked that there was both point of views of Wills and Suzy side I was better able to enjoy each of their sides and understand where either of them were coming from I thought it was interesting coming across a point of view from someone who was impacted by the hording With as much as I liked it it was a bit too long for the little that happened in the book Other then that I really had enjoyed this book

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