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characters º Kissed by Moonlight Wild Hunt #1 104 Phaedra Conners has been in short supply of normal ever since she shoved a car full of explosives off of a parking garage Domestic terrorism would be an unappreciated skill set on any resume so she’s a little surprised when she ge. I was going to push this bitch of a car because according to my last boyfriend cars were females and with its sleek black leather interior this particular vehicle just screamed vagina off the parking garage roof What about the innocent people below you may ask You could kill pedestrians Fuck the pedestrians The pedestrians wouldn t cover the cost of my insurance if my car got scratched or stolen simply because I d relegated it to a poor man s parking space So I pushed and I shoved and my feet one still in its pump and the other scrambling along the ground encased in my pantyhose dug into the hot pavement and gave me the leverage I needed to put the guilty car in uestion where I wanted it First few pages i was like Normally they woul

characters Kissed by Moonlight Wild Hunt #1Kissed by Moonlight Wild Hunt #1

characters º Kissed by Moonlight Wild Hunt #1 104 O survive the week However denying himself turns out to be much harder than he thought it would bePhaedra has spent most of her life digging up secrets But not every door needs to be opened and some skeletons like to howl at the moo. I don t like the heroine but I don t like the heroine but The heroine isn t a nice person The hero is better but not as well developed Very unusual story that keeps rolling No real steam although there s some sexual tension in the first half of the book No worries if you re a reader who doesn t go for sex scenes

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characters º Kissed by Moonlight Wild Hunt #1 104 Ts hired on as the personal secretary of multi millionaire Gabriel Evans Her new boss isn’t your average CEO and when he finds himself falling for his assistant he knows that he’ll have to let her go Especially if he wants her t. This is the first book in an interesting series about weres and other supernatural creaturesIt s about a troublemaker reporter Phaedra that ends up investigating a mysterious CEO Gabriel Evans She ends up finding out that he s the Alpha of a werewolf pack and because of her the weres are discovered by the general public Gabriel is captured and tortured by the FBI with the help of a shadowy group the Huntsmen and in the process of liberating him she finds that there are worse things than weres in the worldIt s a pretty complicated story that involves the Fae Specters traitorous wolves and sadistic authoritiesI loved the first half of the book Phaedra s personality is great but after she finds out about the weres things went downhill My main proble

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