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  • Down River
  • Karen Harper
  • English
  • 04 October 2019
  • 9780778327479

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Down River Free read è 2 Into the wildernessFar from civilization the former lovers must put aside their hurt feelings and find the will to survive against nature There's a killer on the loose and for now they must measure their future together in days rather than yea. OMG THIS ONE had me on the edge of my seat all the way throughI haven t had a book do this to me in a long time it was fantastic I thought I had it all figured outand then the second last chapter my word I was really feeling the panic of the characterVery good book

Review Down RiverDown River

Down River Free read è 2 Lisa fails to turn up for a private meeting to clear the air and close the book on their broken engagement Embarking on a heroic search that takes him miles downriver he saves Lisa from the deadly water but not before they've been swept deep. Ghastly I didn t make it very far into this one Call me overly literal and nit picky if you will but when two pages in the author talks about Alaska s pine forests they re spruce they re only spruce and then a few pages later the hero is checking the heroine for frostbite after hauling her out of a river in the summertime we have some serious impediments to scene setting Aside from that the plot is simplistic the foreshadowing so heavy handed the book sinks to its knees under its weight and well really I can t imagine why anyone would read it to the end or think well of it I couldn t even manage the flip flip flip trainwreck speed scan for this one even though I let it sit on the beside table for several days just to see if tried to call me back It didn t

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Down River Free read è 2 Attending a corporate retreat at a remote resort in Alaska Lisa Vaughn is plunged into the frigid rapids of the Wild River Swept away battered and alone she has been left for deadLodge owner Mitch Braxton knows something is terribly wrong when. I found another book by Karen Harper Loved it It takes place in Alaska Lisa s x fiance owns the lodge where her boss has brought all the lawyers in their law practice in order to pick the best one for a major position Alaska is beautiful rustic and menacing with lots of pitfalls for Lisa and others Mitch the x is still interested in Lisa and the story is full of lots of action emotion suspense and murder attempts we learn much about this northern frontier and I want to go The Aztlanian Rithmatist #2 northern frontier and I want to go