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The Voyage of the Beagle

Free read The Voyage of the Beagle Read & Download · eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ú Charles Darwin Charles Darwin Ú 8 Summary Well may we affirm that every part of the world is habitable Whether lakes of brine or those subterranean ones hidden beneath volcanic mountains#151;warm mineral springs#151;the wide expanse and depths of the ocean#151;the upper regions of the atmosphere and even the surface of perpetual snow#151;all support organic beingsbr#151;Charles DarwinbrbrHMS IBeagleI put out of Devonport dockyard England on December 27 1831 and one of the most extraordinary voyages in history was under way. It might sound like a little dry to read a scientist s observations of an expedition but that wasn t the case for me Charles Darwin s Voyage of the Beagle provides a fascinating glimpse on Darwin s early impressions of race slavery decolonization the dichotomy of savagery and civilization and the survival of the fittest as well as his descriptions of a wide variety of fauna and stunning natural scenery

Read & Download · eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ú Charles Darwin

Free read The Voyage of the Beagle Read & Download · eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ú Charles Darwin Charles Darwin Ú 8 Summary Ar expedition that was as powerful emotionally and spiritually as it was scientifically; the formative moment of one of modernity's greatest mindsbrbrThese journals capture the first sensations of standing on a sun seared volcanic island in mid Atlantic; or plunging through a Brazilian rain forest undefaced by the hand of man Here are his awestruck reactions to the plains of Patagonia the heights and abysses of the Andes and the extraordinary world within a world he found in the Gal. Commanders in the Royal Navy could not socialize with their crew They ate their meals alone then they met with the officers on board ship This took it s mental toll on the ship s Captain s and so they were allowed a civil companion someone from outside the Navy who would be under their command but was not part of the crew Captain Fitz Roy age 26 a Nobleman and a passionate Naturalist chose Charles Darwin a wealthy upper class Naturalist enthusiast to be his companion aboard the HMS Beagle for the five year voyage to map Patagonia and Tierra del Feugo and circumnavigate the globeWhat I found most interesting about this book was how easy it is to read and enjoy It is the edited journal of Charles Darwin during his voyage on HMS Beagle yes but it reads like a travel channel show with Darwin as your host This is not the old Origin of Species Darwin with his long white beard and noble wisely appearance This is just out of college Darwin looking for adventure He s 24 years old he knows nothing he wants to see everything he is good natured idealistic and full of uestions It s like he s on a cruise ship which happens to be a ship of war and he only has a few days at each port to party and see all the sights Naturalist gone Wild What makes the journals enjoyable is that this is not a young man who thinks he has all the answers He is aware of his inexperience and unfamiliarity with every surrounding he finds himself in and relies on interviews with others locals magistrates natives scientists to fill in the blanks He is smart He accumulates facts He writes them down He expresses brief opinions He gathers facts He has adventures And here and there a light clicks on We see something start to dawn on him He doesn t put it together that will come years later but all the information he needs to formulate his later theories is here he just doesn t see it But we do And that s the fun of reading these journals watching this young man grow up on this five year voyage What makes this an extraordinary read is that we know how it ends This book is a little like watching The Sixth Sense a second time after you know the twist to watch all the clues missed the first time knowing that years later Darwin will see the twist

Charles Darwin Ú 8 Summary

Free read The Voyage of the Beagle Read & Download · eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ú Charles Darwin Charles Darwin Ú 8 Summary Aboard was a highly skilled crew of surveyors set to chart key coastlines for the British Admiralty#151;and a raw and inexperienced naturalist named Charles Darwin This fairly obscure twenty two year old had not been the first choice to accompany the IBeagleI expedition Yet his experiences and insights reverberate to this daybrbrFor a mind like Darwin's open to fresh impressions alert to their every implication it was an exhilarating journey Here is his detailed account of a five ye. This is not the correct edition Mine is published by Recorded Books read by John Franklin Robbins is just selections from the book about 45 hours long with additional material a really good biography It was short to the point It s been a long time since I last read this but I think I liked it in audio better than in print Darwin s prose is perfect for being read out loud Everyone always talks about Darwin s theories on evolution which makes it tough to remember that he was an all around natural philosopher These selections actually contained on geology the natives than evolution Of course he uses both to support the theory of evolution since we re all fairly familiar with it now these selections really help show just how much knowledge he brought to bearHe was incredibly well read didn t come up with his theories in a void He constantly refers to the work of others many of them natural philosophers who had studied other areas species He Wallace were just the first to unify this knowledgeIt was really interesting to listen to his opinions on native peoples especially on slavery which was rampant around the world at the time He mentions how children were bought for a mere button from some of the native tribes As horrifying as that was he was horrified by how slaves were broken by their Spanish masters yet he was remote when he described how some natives would cannibalize their old women for food before they would eat their dogs If nothing else this is an excellent reminder of how far the world has come in a mere 150 yearsI can t recommend this highly enough After listening to this I m going to have to listen to the full book some time soon

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