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Read Ô PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Æ Rebecca York Bridal Jeopardy Mindbenders #3 Free download ✓ 104 Love at first sight can't begin to describe the attraction detective Craig Branson feels when he locks eyes with gorgeous Stephanie Swift It's powerful passionate and deeply emotional than anything he's. Where do I begin with this one My opinions were all over the place while I was reading itFirstly this was a paranormal story so I don t know what it s doing in the Harleuin Intrigue line When I read an Intrigue book I m not after a story about a fertility clinic that created telepathic children But that s what I got here Craig Branson is in New Orleans to investigateavenge the death of his twin brother twenty two years ago or something it s not entirely clear Instead he winds up saving Stephanie Swift from two goons and when they touch they have a mind meld and psychically learn everything about each other It turns out Stephanie is engaged to marry John Reynard who just happens to be the crime boss who organised the mob hit twenty two years ago that saw Craig s twin die as collateral damage However she s only doing it so that John will pay off her father s gambling debts And here s where I found my first major hurdle does this even happen any I just couldn t buy especially not since Stephanie doesn t even like her father and he returns the sentiment Why does she feel obligated to him in that way The book doesn t provide a believable explanation It s then thrown at us later on that John only organised all of this because he thinks Stephanie overheard him talking about a murder at a charity function OMG ReallyAnd I m getting sidetracked The busy plot gets busier as Stephanie and Craig are pursued by two thugs at the beuest of Dr Harold Goddard who worked at the fertility clinic and wants to do further testing on the children who are now all adults some of them now dead because of their psychic bonding Or something Once again it s not really made clear One thing in the book s favour is that York does manage to tie all the storylines together as contrived as it may be and even though I ve been plonked down in part 3 of a series it still holds its own as a stand alone story Albeit a messy muddled oneThere are too many viewpoints from secondary characters which is normally a big Intrigue no no Characters do stupid things just to move the story where it needs to go Craig at the end of one chapter agrees it s not a good idea to go see the police detective they believe may be part of the whole conspiracy But in the VERY NEXT CHAPTER that s exactly what he does On top of that he leaves Stephanie alone which they ve already agreed is not a good idea Of course despite knowing she should lay low Stephanie answers a knock on the door without even checking first who is there Later we learn that Craig has registered them both at a motel under his real name despite them being on the run and trying to evade multiple pursuers It s mind bogglingFinally we get to the mind reading angle Sorry it s just not sexy or romantic Knowing every little thing about your other half is just a little creepy And having to build a virtual mind barrier any time you don t want your partner reading your mind It just sounds stressful I also didn t like the way they would invade other peoples minds to get them to do what they wanted It s like mental rape They justify it because they re trying to stay alive but it s yucky The implications of mind control were explored well in Netflix s Jessica Jones TV show but here it s all kinds of wrongWhich brings me to the scene that dropped the rating to two stars After having narrowly avoided having to sleep with John Stephanie has her mind invaded by Craig admittedly consensual who proceeds to use his mind reading skills to make her feel as if he s kissing and fondling her GROSS Dude she s just barely escaped a rape within marriage scenario and now you re trying to bring her to orgasm when any noise from her could bring unwanted attention Yuck yuck yuck yuckIt is a fast read and if you re into paranormal stories this might be up your alley But not me The plot was too busy and I found the whole mind reading angle distasteful and unromantic

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Bridal Jeopardy Mindbenders #3

Read Ô PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Æ Rebecca York Bridal Jeopardy Mindbenders #3 Free download ✓ 104 Ever felt But the PI is in New Orleans to track down a killernot to have a fling Still he can't resist the intense sexual pull he feels the first time he kisses Stephanie He'll risk everything to rescue. Supernatural to the highest peak of story telling Mind blowing to think that we as humans can do something like that to one of Gods and Mother Nature most amazing acts of nature just so the Government could have Superhuman Beings Read the series and find out what happens next

Read Ô PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Æ Rebecca York

Read Ô PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Æ Rebecca York Bridal Jeopardy Mindbenders #3 Free download ✓ 104 Her from her rich possessive fiancĂ© Taking her on the run Craig faces danger from two relentless pursuers one who would expose the secret of their bondand one who would keep him from his soul mate forev. received 4 12 stars from RT Book ReviewsMiniseries Mindbenders

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