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Samantha Cayto Ð 0 characters review ð PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ð Samantha Cayto free read Body Slave Pleasure Slaves #1 In an alternate universe the ancient concept of a slave class continues to exist While a few countries have finally ended the brutal practice the United States isn’t one of them Once born a slave one remains a slave with only a few laws for protection against the whims of a cruel masterEighteen year old Oliver is a newly minted pleasure slave Trained to be a living sex toy he has been sold to a wealthy widower Being gay Oliv. Re Read and I actually am finishing the rest of the stories I love AU Slave stories this was good The conclusion was too rushed to do a 5 star rating but I certainly felt for the slave and it had enough description that things were not sugar coated I m certainly interested in reading the next one

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Samantha Cayto Ð 0 characters review ð PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ð Samantha Cayto free read Body Slave Pleasure Slaves #1 Er has high hopes he will enjoy his new life Unfortunately his master has a sadistic streak and treats him like an object Oliver has no choice but to endure and make the best of his lotBen has reluctantly come home to help his father temporarily with the family business He’s surprised to learn his father has bought a beautiful young slave boy to warm his bed He doesn’t approve of slavery and is disconcerted by his attracti. Review tomorrow when I m coherent Until then I liked it and can t wait for the next Okay so it s longer after the fact than it should be for me to review this I know I shouldn t like this sort of a book with slaves I disagree with the concept entirely but this is fiction it has a fantastical element and it s escapism But again fiction And I knew that going into the book so I won t review the book on hating the world While the world Cayto has crafted is terrible she crafts it well I enjoyed the developing relationship between Oliver and Ben and the struggles they had because of their roles in life The book doesn t have a perfect ending but it has a happy ending for the world that is created Ben and Oliver can be together but there are rules that will govern their relationship It s sad but at the same time hopeful because of the promises made and kept And yes I will read the next book in the series I enjoy the author s writing style and her well crafted if horrific worlds

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Samantha Cayto Ð 0 characters review ð PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ð Samantha Cayto free read Body Slave Pleasure Slaves #1 On to the boy Oliver is eually wary of Ben’s kindness and appeal No other free person has ever treated him with such careThere can never be anything between them however so they fight their growing desire But despite their resolve Oliver and Ben grow closer tumbling into a clandestine affair In a world in which slaves have no choice and falling in love with a freeman is the stuff of movies they risk everything to be together. I usually don t read slave fics because the idea of it is so fucking disgusting and I can t deal with it But having read some of this authors other work I decided to see what she would do with it The writing was pretty good maybe a little less so towards the end and the characters were goodThe world building could have been fleshed out a little to really highlight the economic benefits ugh and conseuences of slavery in the modern world especially in a world where some countries have outlawed it and some haven t Where does the US as a slave nation stand compared the rest of the world Does the US have the same allies How does it affect relations with for example a non slave nation Canada Does anything change It s not the point of the story but it would have been interesting to know regardlessI felt sorry for Oliver and I was hoping throughout the story that Ben would find a way to get him away from his father I guess my biggest complaint is that Oliver really should have been set free at the end The whole Oliver can only be set free after 20 years thing threw me a bit I get it was the dad being vindictive but why 20 years Why not 10 Why not at all His motivations for that weren t properly explained and that whole plot point didn t sit right with me I m glad that Ben doesn t treat him like a slave but I would have liked this a lot better if they had ended up on eual ground But that s just my personal preference 3 stars

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