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Bloodthirst in Babylon review µ 108 Seize the day Survive the night They say if something looks too good to be true it probably is But folks across the country are desperate Jobs are hard to find these days So when t. This is definitely not your usual vampire novel which is exactly the reason I like it so much The idea of a secluded town ruled by vampires and their human daylighters appealed to me and it was fascinating to watch how this concept starts to crumble when some younger vampires decide to go against the strict rules and people start to disappearThe many characters were well drawn and I appreciated the fact that even the good guys had their flaws and there was no tough hero to bring down the bloodsuckers And while there was an action packed showdown it did not end with a straightforward victory on either sideIf you re looking for a vampire story off the beaten track this might just be the book for you

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Bloodthirst in Babylon review µ 108 Orrible behind the friendly smiles of the townspeople Unfortunately by the time the unlucky visitors realize that it’s too late The trap has sprung No one gets out of Babylonaliv. I just thought it was boring

Read º eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Æ David Searls

Bloodthirst in Babylon review µ 108 He small town of Babylon offers work and even low rent at the local hotel no one wants to look too closely But they should Babylon wants than a workforce Much There’s something h. Let me state at the outset I typically avoid books that feature zombies werewolves private investigators or vampiresI 100% absolutely loved David Searls other books so I made an exception for the vampire focus of this one but did not finish it giving up at the 100 page markNot a knock on the book I just like tightly coiled tales and this story was told in too leisurely a fashion for my tastes Fans of Stephen King s later work should find much to enjoy here as characters rather than plot drive this storyI m declining to rate it because I did not finish and am predisposed against vampires to begin with

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