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Bittersweet Symphony review Ë 9 A daring fusion of King's The Shining John Hughes' The Breakfast Club and a dose of Harper Lee into a bildungsroman of sortsFirst published on September 11th 2017 Bittersweet Symphony is a gothic postmodern novella following seven severely flawed characters who come to believe that their office on the 17th Floor of a tower in the city of Syracuse is haunted but it's also a foreboding tale o. Madson Tower was a post modern skyscraper in Syracuse New York It was built by Dahsol Inc a company connected with the mafia The company constructed buildings on cheap undesirable land Madson Tower run by Thomas Madson had been built on the site of a 1930 s radium factory In 2005 Tony Barone was determined to rent Floor 17 Bailey Lawrence Kane aka Lawyer was unable to dissuade Tony from renting this office space Madson Tower was infested with murder Death and mayhem were woven into the very fabric of the building Shortly thereafter Tony and his staff moved their operations to Floor 17Tony Barone ad executive was the divorced father of ten year old Selena Tony was a fan of morbid humor such as putting the fun back in funeral He notified his staff that failure to work in the tower was grounds for dismissal Miguel Hernandez Tony s co executive was unnerved by a metallic blood like smell in the office Miguel second guessed his decision to move from Puerto Rico to the US Dora Johnson Tony s secretary once model like in appearance now overeats the result of a damaged reputation as the town bicycle at her prior job Lawyer on retainer by Tony Barone additionally tried criminal cases in New York City She made sure that felons always paid the piperHow will working in Madson Tower affect each of these individuals In the words of ten year old Selena Barone there are no ghostsbutthere s something else heresomething like the tower is hungrylike it tasted something it liked a very long time agolike fear Selena would know Her new friend Edward says hello from a gaping black hole in the drywall Madson Tower gave one s fears a feeding frenzy Could hope andor closure emerge triumphant despite the misty gloom floating on Floor 17Author Rebecca McNutt masterfully presents a subplot about the Twin Towers This 911 tragedy begs comparison to the 1930 s radium factory poisonings Clarence Lawman s death and its effect on those close to him was necessary sad and eyeopening Bittersweet Symphony a novella by Rebecca McNutt is an exceptional read from a very talented writer I highly recommend itThank you Rebecca for the PDF in exchange for my honest review

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Bittersweet Symphony review Ë 9 F the inherent flaws of modern corporate culture Red rain white striped towers and a clear blue sky it was like America‚Äôs flag exploded everywhere that dayThe Madson Tower was once one of the most ultramodern corporate skyscrapers in Syracuse innovative and prestigious until the mysterious happenings took it over including a mass murder of eleven people on Floor 17The year is 2005 The tow. This book was written in Nova Scotia and as a Canadian I AM SO HAPPY I AM READING A CANADIAN BOOK That cannot be understated I love helping other Canadian authors out It s so near and dear to my heartRebecca McNutt s novel Bittersweet Symphony was an addicting read for me Her descriptions and tone in her writing was something that just clicked with me Her tone was somewhat professional yet it worked so well within this novel It almost sounded like the perfection my English teachers in high school wanted us to achieve but never could The level of how descriptive her writing is made me feel like I was there with the characters I could see this being too much for some readers but I love description when it s paired with a good story and it s not just one hundred pages describing how the characters lookI like how the story is essentially an allusion for real events and the little splash of ghosts thrown in as well It makes it real yet not real believable yet not believable all wrapped up into one This book is in it s own little corner AND I LOVE ITI would say this book has some mature themes revolving around language and some things that are referenced without spoiling Although that doesn t mean you have to be 18 to read it The book isn t to graphic so I think teenagers could easily read this book and relate to itPros1 Uniue story telling Rebecca doesn t follow your stereotypical simple writing style It s hard to explain but it s different I like the term gothic for it but that s not 100% on point with how she writes Essentially I love an author that writes in their own style and doesn t follow a norm so I REALLY liked this book2 Short and Sweet This book isn t 1000 pages long This book reminded me of the original Star Wars trilogy the information that needed to be there was there There was no fluff it got to the point and made an effective story3 Black as the ace of spades The language is BEAUTIFUL in this book I m obsessed with it Can Rebecca McNutt write my life story while she s at it4 Interconnecting Stories I m obsessed with Cloud Atlas one of my all time faves of interconnecting stories so it seems fitting that I d enjoy another book that interconnects everything Bravo 5 Relatable This book was relatable on so many levels Just reading how the lawyer says that they are snakes until someone needs their help and then suddenly they are their best friend yeah that one hit me where it hurts It s so honest and so true6 Shocking Twists and Turns Some of this book you don t see coming and I can respect an author that can actually make that work in a novel Cons1 Dialogue The dialogue can appear rigid or stiff to some readers For me it worked within the story and how Rebecca was telling her story but that might turn off other readers2 Personal con Madson I keep wanting to call it Madison or anything but Madson It was driving me insane as I was reading it because my brain didn t want to comprehend the name Major personal con here and an amusing con at thatI m amazed that people are saying Rebecca McNutt was 19 when she wrote this That s a lot of talent for that age so I can only imagine Rebecca getting better the she writes and the time she has to practice This book doesn t seem like it s written by a 19 year old it s incredibly mature Overall this uniue book had me hooked and addicted from it s first page I m so glad I read it because I haven t read a book so uniue and actually good for a very long timeFive out of five starsI received a copy of this book from the author Rebecca McNutt in exchange for an honest review Everything here is my own honest opinionSide notes If you want to read this book the author posted her own review offering copies out It s a great opportunity to read and review an awesome book Not many authors offer opportunities like this so hop on it if it s still available

Free download ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub é Rebecca McNutt

Bittersweet Symphony review Ë 9 Er has been neglected cheapened by the horrors that happened on the land Tony Barone the executive of an advertising agency plans to rent out Floor 17 at a discounted price dragging with him his four employees and his ten year old daughter Selena Madson Tower has something sinister at work within its walls and to face it they'll all have to first face their own mangled pasts and bad memorie. Bittersweet Symphony By Rebecca McNutt is a mesmerizing and compelling tale chock full of intriguing characters Without divulging too much of the plot Tony Barone is a determined and ambitious ad executive with a goal in mind Rent the seventeenth floor of Madson Tower an architectural marvel But there is something ominous and sinister about the space Supposedly a most gruesome series of events occurred on the seventeenth floor but the horrid incidents did not prove to be a deterrent for the rapacious Tony BaroneThe story is made invigorating by a cannonade of engaging characters like Selena Tony s daughter Bailey Miguel Dora and many each with their individual theatrics and life altering circumstances From my point of view Bittersweet Symphony was flawlessly executed short and packed a powerful punch The story was well paced and I firmly believe that McNutt truly enjoys the art of writing evidenced by her multitude of stories and as she understands the psychology that drives people This is a story about the psychology of corporate culture people their actions and reactions A well written story

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