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Summary Bitter Fruits (Edens Fall, #1)

Sarah Daltry ç 9 Free read Free download ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ç Sarah Daltry Review · Bitter Fruits (Edens Fall, #1) 109 For fans of dark urban fantasy comes a novel that uestions why forbidden fruit is always the most temptingA vampire themed masuerade party isn’t really her scene but Nora is sick of frat parties and bars When she meets Alec the appeal suddenly becomes clear It’s obvious th. Arc provided kindly through NetgalleyI was curious about that book when I ve read reviews telling that it was a good story with romance two immortal brothers and a college girl lots of myths bites and loveThe book start with Nora going to a party with her roommate and good friend Scarlet Then she meet Alec a mysterious guy with sharp teeth no kidding and start almost immediately to make out with him I found it a little precipitate but it wasn t bothering me that muchThen we meet his eually handsome if brother Caleb Nora is immediately attracted to him too no surprise thereI really liked the heroine sometimes because she was always making jokes or sarcastic comments especially when the situation is tense it was funBut sometimes I was just a little upset with her when she didn t acknowledge what was just under her nose Oh and when she acted like a bad ass in the Church you ll know what I mean if you read it Yay girl I found that Caleb and Nora had a lot of chemistry and sexual tension than Alec and Nora At first I didn t like Caleb at all with his bad boy and cocky attitude and also because of their curse he has to kill time and time again his brother Alec was kind and sweet but at the middle of the book or so the author write the story so that we re falling in love with Caleb at the same time as the character and I was feeling kind of guilty for doing so Sometimes I was heartbroken for the brothers yeah I think I actually cried once but I won t tell you that because I m a big softy at heart and can t help it Nora can t choose between them because she loves them eually and they love her too And I was torn up I wanted to hug them even Caleb who s supposed to be the evil brother and would have probably bite me if I hugged himThe mythological part of the story is uite well developed especially with the explanations of the immortal brothers and Henry the professor There was a lot of it but it wasn t really boring so it was fine with me Fortunately the book has an happy ending and doesn t have a cliffhanger thank god Now I wonder how the dynamics of the three characters is going to evolve in the next book if there is oneAnyway for me it was an interesting read and if you want to read a book full of myths history but also a trilogy with sort of vampires and all that you can read this one There are also monsters eating flesh or eating children you ve been warned

Free download ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ç Sarah DaltryBitter Fruits (Edens Fall, #1)

Sarah Daltry ç 9 Free read Free download ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ç Sarah Daltry Review · Bitter Fruits (Edens Fall, #1) 109 At they’ve been struck by the same intense mutual attraction but Alec keeps his distance Intrigued despite herself Nora pushes a little deeper and discovers Alec’s unimaginable secretNora is not afraid of following Alec into the darkness but the choice is soon taken from. Lord where to begin with this review I read the book a week ago and I am still reeling from it I mean this book has everything in it and it is simply AMAZING This is one of those books where it is a diamond in the rough and once people start reading it they will not be able to put it down I mean I could not put it down and I told my family you are on your own because I need some me time First I have to say that the cover fits the book to a T because as you start reading about Nora and Alec meeting you will understand the cover I have to say KUDOS big time to Sarah Daltry for pulling off this book and it s contents because HOLY S I never would have thought to read such an interesting back story of the main male characters The story line that is used is very uniue and I will say this because I am doing a non spoiler review for this book because I loved it so much that you have to read it yourself to get the full affect of the book Sarah man I wish I had your brain because that was BRILLIANT using one of the oldest stories in the bible If you are religious and get upset when a story is used for other purposes outside of the church then DONT READ THIS BOOK It will be your lossNora is going to a vampire themed masuerade party with her best friend and roommate Scarlet Nora is not sure why she is going but she told Scarlet she would go so she has found the perfect dress and mask to hide her face and her Scarlet set off to the masuerade party Once there Nora feels a little out of place and she is so surprised by how many people came out to this party A few even have fangs and everything else to get into the role playing part they are going to have at the party Then Nora gets a glimpse of a mask that has the most exuisite eyes and she is enraptured by him As they talk and get to know each other Nora feels a pull towards him which she does not understand Just as they are getting to know each other some at the masuerade gets hurt and her mystery man Alec leavesNora can t stop thinking about Alec when she sees him again As they talk she finds herself falling for him and wanting to do things with him but every time she tries Alec runs away from her saying it can t happen A little frustrated and a lot hurt she has resigned herself to not having Alec Just as things are going along she meets Alec s brother Caleb Lord Jesus Caleb is a bad boy extraordinaire and he does not apologize for his badness All Caleb knows is that he is inexplicably attracted to Nora and can t stay away from her Just as Alec and Caleb get close to Nora something happens and sets the premise of the book and Alec is the one who will have to hunt down the person or thing trying to hurt him and his brother and the thing or person wants Nora They are trying to kill her and to keep her safe she will have to stay with Caleb at his home alone and yes she is so not feeling that because feelings are starting to surface and she is not sure why she feels so connected to Caleb as well as Alec How can this be What will happen if Alec finds out Will he leave her What is hunting NoraThis is a MUST READ book Go out and get it because it is RELEASE DAY for BITTER FRUITSTeam Caleb all the way

Sarah Daltry ç 9 Free read

Sarah Daltry ç 9 Free read Free download ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ç Sarah Daltry Review · Bitter Fruits (Edens Fall, #1) 109 Her Someone is hunting her someone tied to the secret and desperate to see it play out But when Nora finally meets her aggressor she finds herself hopelessly drawn to him She needs to make a choice between the two men but can she save them both knowing one is destined to di. I signed on for the tour for this book because its Arc reviews Raved and it honestly looked Great I was not let down at all Admittedly I was surprised but the book but it was a fresh take on some myth and I loved it I couldn t wait to see where it was going Two Immortal Men One Beautiful College student and An Ancient Curse It had all the makings for a great book and as I said It deliveredNora starts off the book by attending a Vampire Ball with her college Roomate Scarlet Hello Immortal brother number one We meet Alec and see the sparks for the first second their eyes meet Within minutes Nora is ready to be Alecs even if she has no idea what that means Then enters our eually panty dropping worthy CalebFrom that moment forward Nora s life would change Dual Attraction to two brothers If that wasn t complicated enough they are both immortal and she is thrown into the middle of a nasty sibling rivalry in a wayI thought Nora was a great character She was well developed and very relatable Her actions and responses were hilarious at some points and she was overall very likable To top it off she was super pretty a a really nice person I also Loved the fact that she had such immense chemistry with both brothers It made for a very hoe do we say complicated novel I liked that as an extra plot twistThe Brothers Now I am totally Team Caleb I liked his jerky attitude from the start as I had my assumptions as to why he was the way he was I also felt that he had better chemistry with Nora from what scenes we got to read with them together The way that I fell in love with them being in love was sort of guilty You will see what I mean But I still love them together Nora on the other hand was torn in two She is in love with both brothers and has no semblance of who she is going to choose While this is happening you have to imagine what these men are going through Not an easy situationTo top this all off they are in a legit mythical battle between each other an evil force to be reckoned with and an unknown force out to kill everyone It got uite complicated and very in depth into some myths but the author did a great job of explaining all fo this to you and having the plot flow smoothlyVampires Myths legends history flesh eaters we have the whole enchilada here Its a great read and you wont be left wanting

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