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characters Bent AUTHOR Sean Michael review ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ø Sean Michael Sean Michael Ø 4 Download Meets the eye and Marcus will have to be careful Jim knows what it means to lose everything knows what it's like to be without friends or family Jim feels broken and knowing that he likes the kinds of weird things Marcus wants to do to him only makes him scared that he's losing his mind Their chemistry is so real so genuine that Jim lets Marcus wear him down lets Marc. I really enjoy the way Sean Michael writes There is emotion tenderness caring and lots of hot sex Jim is an uptight and angry man due to some very unfortunate things that have happened in his life When he walks into the bookstore he is pissed off and takes his anger out on the young manager There happens to be a very large very attractive man there that witnesses his behavior and really tells him where to go Marcus is in the bookstore when Jim comes in all snarly and mad He wants to take Jim over his knee and spank him until he learns some manners Marcus thinks Jim needs order and control in his life than anyone He decides to pursue Jim and teach him a little bit about the Ds lifestyle Jim wants nothing to do with Marcus at first but before long the two of them are beginning a very intense emotional and physical relationship Jim soon begins to blossom He gets productive less angry and has control over his emotions Jim feels like there must be something wrong with him if he enjoys this lifestyle so much even with all of his forward progress On top of that he and Marcus are falling in love Can the two of them make it work even with all of the issues Jim has This book is great if you enjoy Ds themes The story is engaging even though the book is long I loved seeing Jim become a stronger self sufficient person Marcus is a wonderful Dom He listens to Jim and is very aware of his limitations Marcus takes things slow and yet pushes Jim s boundaries whenever possible There is tons of smokin hot sex as well as talk of some piercings and tattoos I really enjoyed this love story xo

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characters Bent AUTHOR Sean Michael review ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ø Sean Michael Sean Michael Ø 4 Download Us take control Eventually his trust grows allowing them to enter into the BDSM lifestyle together learning about each other every day with every scene Jim is still uncertain sometimes though and he thinks Marcus might just want him because he's cracked Can this top and bottom pair find a way to understand their wants and needs and make a life that works for them alone. 35 starsThis first book in Sean Michael s Hammer series features Marcus a leather worker heavily involved in the BDSM lifestyle and Jim a former professor who s been through some bad times and is having problems dealing with his life When they meet for the first time in a bookstore Marcus is both appalled at Jim s rudeness and also instantly drawn to him Marcus is sure Jim is a natural submissive and he d love to take him home and spank the rudeness right out of him Some people might think Marcus was crazy Jim had been pretty clear that he wasn t interested But Marcus listened to than just what people said with their mouths Jim needed someone in his life to take charge Marcus knew it like he knew how to breathe he just did He d learned to trust his gut implicitlyJim has never been into the lifestyle and in fact knows very little about it His view of life is that a real man is always in control and he is shocked at the things Marcus tells him Jim is sure that s not for him but once he starts letting Marcus into his life he will have a difficult time reconciling that view with the submissiveness that Marcus starts to bring out in him

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characters Bent AUTHOR Sean Michael review ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ø Sean Michael Sean Michael Ø 4 Download Marcus knows Jim is his minutes after meeting the snarly jumpy ex professor at the local bookstore He thinks Jim is a natural submissive someone who needs order and discipline in his life to help with Jim's anxiety and bad health habits So Marcus decides to pursue Jim relentlessly because even if Jim's mouth is saying no his body is saying yes There's a lot to Jim than. 35 stars I ve learned something about life from this bookA spanking solves everythingFeeling depressed Spank it out Feeling like having a coffee You need spanking Feeling sad Spanking time Feeling happy SPANK Feeling horny Spank spank spankMy three stars here is misleading I actually really liked this book even loved it at times However it also was riddled with problems which knocked down my rating a bit When this book started I was kind of horrified Poor Jim seemed so bullied that it made me uncomfortable That first spanking and that first trip to the tattoo parlor I m still recovering from them It felt non con or dub con which I am NOT into I actually didn t love any of the tattoo scenes only because I feel like body art is something you have to really really want However as the book went along I was completely sucked into the story This book really doesn t have a plot There is no arc It is like a 500 page journal of the relationship between Jim and Marcus But maybe because I read a string of YA or clean romances before this book but the massive amount of sex scenes were highly HIGHLY entertaining And there were a lot of them I didn t mind the whole set up of their relationship which was kind of a marriage of domestic discipline and traditional BDSM I understood the dynamic and I thought it worked beautifully for them This book was also surprisingly sweet This isn t a grumpy emotionally distant dom Marcus is the most sappy effusive dom that I have ever encountered This book is FILLED with affection It is like a big BDSM marshmallow So what are my issues here Well let s start with the pet names Now I happen to love the pet name baby mostly because it is what I call my husband However even I was a little babied out by the end Guess how many times baby is used in this book You ll never guess open to find out view spoiler 1139 times hide spoiler

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