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review Beautiful Creatures Beautiful Creatures review ä 3 Kami Garcia ☆ 3 summary The first book in the instant NYT bestselling gothic fantasy series; a modern paranormal romance set against the gothic backdrop of an isolated southern town Lena Duchannes is unlike anyone the small Southern town of Gatlin has ever seen and she's struggling to conceal her. Phew I am so glad that s over I have read some dismal books in the young adult paranormal genre books that have been boring or annoying or have offended me but I think I can honestly say this is up there with some of the worst books I ve ever read Everything about this book aggravated me in one way or another from the ridiculous length of it to the supposedly male protagonist I couldn t even concentrate on the story for the most part because I kept picturing Ethan as a thirty something womanThere are some things I m going to rant about that may not have bothered me several years ago before Twilight came along waving its cliche banners Well unfortunately I can only tell you what I thought of this book now not speculate on what I might have thought if I d read it a few years earlier So let s get the whole this is like every other paranormal young adult book thing out of the way There were one or two additions to the witchy aspect of it that felt somewhat original but the general pattern of this novel with the romance and the carbon copy characters was predictable and boring No one likes a boring read and it s especially annoying when the book is nearly 600 pages long Shall I check the usual paranormal YA criteria off for you Small town check New girl check Boring holier than thou protagonist check Everlasting love after a very small amount of time check I don t know if this counts as instalove but it certainly counts as instaweirdobsession full of laughable musings like there s just something about her that makes me know it s meant to be hopefully it s obvious that this is not a direct uoteI thought that this book might be a little original because of the uncommon choice to have a male protagonist but everything is still exactly the same Now though instead of a girl next door type you have a boy next door type who sails along in his faultlessness constantly comparing himself to the less intelligent and morally uestionable beings he must interact with every day Ethan even treats us to a rare bout of what I can only call male slut shaming he criticises his male peers for having one track minds and wanting to get off with girls when he is looking for something meaningful good for him but why does that make him any better than the rest He is actually an exact male version of many paranormal YA protagonists who criticise the popular girls for being relaxed with their sexuality Not only that but he also insults the other members of his Southern US town The novel plays heavily on Southern stereotypes and portrays almost everyone but Ethan as being incredibly stupid Ethan sneers at everyone He is obviously smarter has his morals in the right place and is just downright awesome in comparison He makes it no secret from the very first chapter that he considers himself above them He even goes so far as to announce that he doesn t have an accent because he was raised by intelligent peopleAnd it was predictable We don t even need to meet Lena or even hear her name to realise that she is the one Ethan will end up with As soon as one of Ethan s classmates asks have you seen the new girl and Ethan begins to wonder if she ll be hot we know from that point where the whole thing is heading Sometimes I ll admit there s some fun to be had watching a couple angst it out together even though you know they ll be together eventually but before we even knew her name I can t even say that I stopped caring because truthfully I never even started This whole book was just not good

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Beautiful Creatures

review Beautiful Creatures Beautiful Creatures review ä 3 Kami Garcia ☆ 3 summary Power and a curse that has haunted her family for generations But even within the overgrown gardens murky swamps and crumbling graveyards of the forgotten South a secret cannot stay hidden forever Ethan Wate who has been counting the months until he can escape from Gatlin i. It has taken me a small eternity to write this review I was down a hand for I had to use my left index finger to clamp down on my left eyelid in order to stop the twitching that began around page 65 of Beautiful Creatures Meet the culprit As I lay down she sat up I sat up she laid down I laid down Awkward Hell now the right one is doing itTo uote Hawkeye from the 1991 movie version of Last of the Mohicans Beautiful Creatures is a breed apart and makes no sense therefore making it nearly impossible to describe It s a contradictory mess and filled with 600 pages of driveling hyperbole that attempts and yet fails miserably at being cerebral I ll take it from the top Ethan Who knew that 16 year old boys had so much in common with my great grandmother Big granny could tell you everything there was to know about Southern style architecture felt the world would end if she ran a few minutes late and loved Gone With the Wind Coincidentally she and Ethan could have been soul mates Even amazing Ethan is popular Had he gone to my school which was in a small southern town I might add he would have been beat both before and after school and mocked mercilessly during class Lena Can t really say anything about her she is that flat and dull Amma She must have fallen out of the crazy tree and hit every branch on the way down She would dominate at a staring contest could probably teach me a thing or two about setting the eye on someone and if I ever needed to intimidate a guy by sharpening my pencil she d be the first person I would call But as a character she sucked arse Plot Can t say much about it as there isn t one I ve seen it mentioned than once in various blubs that Beautiful Creatures is a memorizing Southern Gothic tale To be frank these women would be hard pressed to describe a south that didn t appear in Gone With the Wind This was truly driven home when another granny in the book stated that she wanted to be buried with her Bible so that she would have something to read once she passed Any southerner worth their salt knows that statement would never be uttered south of the Mason Dixon line for two reasons One we all know that you will your battered family Bible to the least liked family member so that they are coerced by post mortem guilt to display it among their treasures once they have written your death date in it with a 10 cent pen they find buried in the back of a drawer and second because grannies don t read Bibles they just uote from them in order to brow beat you into submission Basically this entire book spits out clich s cites works of literature that far surpass this one Lena worries that she is evil and she and Ethan hunt for a book that is rendered useless I wish I could have told Lena not to fret because the real spawns of Satan are the people who are responsible for publishing andor advertising this book Beautiful Creatures was blogged blurbbed and podcasted for at least 6 mos prior to its release I d given them props if I weren t so mad at them for their treachery Had I been in their shoes I would have uoted Bill Nighy from Love Actually Please boys and girls buy this festering turd of a book so that someone can finally knock Stephanie Meyer off the best seller list Lastly for those of you who read my review thus far I must apologize I have pulled a Garcia and Stohl and have gone on too long I bid you my blurb Beautiful Creatures is freakishly weird nonsensical and plot less tome that will leave your eye twitching long after you have turned the last page

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review Beautiful Creatures Beautiful Creatures review ä 3 Kami Garcia ☆ 3 summary S haunted by dreams of a beautiful girl he has never met When Lena moves into the town's oldest and most infamous plantation Ethan is inexplicably drawn to her and determined to uncover the connection between them In a town with no surprises one secret could change everythi. Gorgeous dark lush and gothic It s so refreshing to read a paranormal romance told from the point of view of the guy and Ethan is a fantastic narrator Through his eyes Gatlin comes alive in all its small town glory full of whispers and secrets and prejudices the Civil War tidbits are so interesting Ethan Lena makes for sexy and sweet romance Amma Ethan s no nonsense grandmother is an awesome character And this line gives me goosebumps every time I read it Mortals I envy you You think you can change things Stop the universe Undo what was done long before you came along You are such beautiful creatures Agh love 3

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  • 05 April 2020
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