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All Our Trials

READ ↠ All Our Trials Emily L. Thuma Ñ 0 READ SUMMARY All Our Trials Ideas and influence of those who placed criminalized and marginalized women at the heart of their antiviolence mobilizations This activism confronted a tough on crime political agenda and clashed with the mainstream women’s movement’s strategy of resorting to the criminal legal system as a solution to sexual and domestic violence Drawing on extensive archival research and first pe. I d like to thank Netgalley and the University of Illinois Press for giving me an ARC of All Our Trials For starters there are some trigger warnings in this book including but not limited to sexual assault and brutality domestic and police All Our Trials is essentially a history of modern feminist anti violence and anticarceral movements within the United States This book covers a lot of ground but it is incredibly important material Emily Thuma details the incredible importance of intersectional feminism and through this book shows the triumphs that women can accomplish when we choose to stand together fighting for and with those whom colonial systems have tried to strip voices from I would encourage anyone to read this book

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READ ↠ All Our Trials Emily L. Thuma Ñ 0 READ SUMMARY All Our Trials During the 1970s grassroots women activists in and outside of prisons forged a radical politics against gender violence and incarceration Emily L Thuma traces the making of this anticarceral feminism at the intersections of struggles for racial and economic justice prisoners’ and psychiatric patients’ rights and gender and sexual liberation   All Our Trials explores the organizing. Like Emily Hobson s book Lavender and Red Thuma s book lays down some necessary fundamentals for beginning to understand the depth nuance and meaning of wide spread popular Left subculture of the 1970 s 90 s and especially its anti racist and ueer and lesbian of color and white elements The this work is done the people today will be able to comprehend what concrete organizing regarding the state in terms of prison police and male violence actually looked like what coalitions looked like and a glimpse of what what grass roots media and initiatives including defense committees were like The contrasts with our contemporary moment are sobering and crucial So so so much needs to be done each of these campaigns organizations and events could and should be its own book but this volume is a good place to start I learned that Joann Little s Defense campaign infrastructure was based in Angela Davis s Defense Committee which explains why people from the Communist Party were involved She touches on Joan Gibbs work with DARE Dykes Against Racism Everywhere but not that she was Joann Little s cousin And what became of Little Yvonne Wanrow Dessie Woods etc My one place of uibble and I felt the same about Hobson s similarly enjoyable book is that the authors are too swayed by the range of organizations and don t realize that some were front groups for others glorified cults or tiny and ineffectual More specificity about that would be welcome Thuma also points out repeatedly the role of lesbians and Jews and combinations of the two in anti racist work in the period but she doesn t name names Susan Saxe is weirdly left out of the section on Framingham Prison And when she criticizes organizers along racial lines she also doesn t name names Obviously this calls for large scale historical projects with widespread interviewing and specific and nuanced discussions of differences and alliances More

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READ ↠ All Our Trials Emily L. Thuma Ñ 0 READ SUMMARY All Our Trials Rson narratives Thuma weaves together the stories of mass defense campaigns prisoner uprisings broad based local coalitions national gatherings and radical print cultures that cut through prison walls In the process she illuminates a crucial chapter in an unfinished struggle––one that continues in today’s movements against mass incarceration and in support of transformative justi. Emily Thuma s All Our Trials Prisons Policing and the Feminist Fight to End Violence documents is an important and fascinating history of anticarceral feminist organizing and its intersections with anti rape and anti police activism Of the organizations and publications discussed the majority are little known by scholars and organizers today and Dr Thuma excavates their histories in a way which will be very valuable for folks doing this work in the present One better known organization the Combahee River Collective makes an appearance in the last chapter but I would argue that for all its importance Combahee is itself understudied and Thuma places it in valuable context describing its role broader organizing in Boston and across the country I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in the history of anti carceral movements andor the history of feminist organizing

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