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A Short History of Modern Egypt

Download ☆ A Short History of Modern Egypt 100 Begins with an examination of the Arab conuest the age of the Mamluks and incorporation into t. This was a book I have been planning to read for a long time ever since it came up in a heated conversation I had about two years ago on YouTube comments concerning what ualifies as Arab and who should be identified as such Are Egyptians truly Arabs Is an Arab necessarily a descendant of the Arab tribes that lived in Arabia or is heshe anyone who adopted their language and some of the their culture after the Arab invasions This book does not answer any of these uestions There are snippets that could be pieced together to formulate a partial answer but not a complete one For example the current population of Egypt is overwhemingly Muslim because over the centuries various regimes have persecuted non Muslims limiting their right to worship and their work opportunities and increased the jizya tax which concerns Christians and Jews Many people convertd to avoid the tax and improve their social standing which did not always succeed since the jizya was often just an excuse for the elite to pay for their lavish lifestyle or their expansionist wars This would have hastened the decline of the Coptic language from the 10th century when Muslims became the majority Intermarriage with Arabs who settled in the fertile lands of the country in waves would have been another factorThen we get a series of events with different foreign elites ruling the country from the Arabs to the Turco Ottomans until the 19th century when another foreigner the Albanian officer Mehmet Ali or Muhammad Ali seizes power and starts building a modern state His dynasty would last until 1952 when a republic was proclaimed by the movement of the Young Officers The book then states that this was the first time in 2000 years that Egypt is ruled by Egyptians This 2000 years of alienation of the Egyptians from their rulers would necessarily include the Omeyyads and the Fatimids both identified as Arabs But then we read in the next pages about the rule of Nasser and Sadat and how Egypt was a leader in the Arab world and other formulations that explicitly identify Egyptians as ArabsSometime in the 19th and early 20th century it seems that a redifinition of what it is to be Arab had taken place From other sources I know that to have been the work of Levantine intellectuals who were fomenting dissent against the Ottomans and their Turkification policies At the height of nationalist movements around the world particularly in Europe the New Arabs were proclaiming a nation of their own based on the newly developed Modern Standard Arabic and secularist ideas Little did they know how a century later their ideas would be hijacked by Islamists who harbored the exact opposite idealsBut the book skips all of these details and does not even mention when and how Arab nationalism was adopted and started exerting influence on a large segment of the Egyptian population to the point where it changed their perception of their own identity Today many Egyptians celebrate the Arab invasion as a great event and denigrate the great monuments of their Ancient Egyptian ancestors as the work of idolators and kuffarsOverall it was a good read with the exception of some bad choices of words on some occasions and I learned a great deal about the history of Egypt since the Arab invasions which complements my knowledge of its earlier history from Narmer who unified Upper and Lower Egypt to Cleopatra VII the last PharaohA funny note is a passage in the last few pages that saysEgypt needs the Arab world as a safety valve for her excess population and the Arab world needs Egyptian expertise in a number of fields if only to man all the schools from Algeria to the Gulf states with teachers of Arabic doctors and other professionalsMissing any country there D

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Download ☆ A Short History of Modern Egypt 100 He Ottoman Empire and continues with the early development of the modern state under Muhammad. It s rare that I enjoy a history book but Marsot s writing style is so witty and sarcastic that it actually makes her account of things uite entertaining to read She is a master of Mid East history I have read most of her books and they are all excellent

Summary ¸ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ Afaf Lutfi Al-Sayyid Marsot

Download ☆ A Short History of Modern Egypt 100 Ali the liberal experiment after 1922 through the Nasir years and the problems of his successo. Overall good and moderately detailed information Slight issue with opinions in this book especially toward 20th century parts as they can be a bit biased towards the west

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