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characters A Love for All Time Dorothy Garlock ☆ 8 summary summary A Love for All Time 108 Now as she contemplated a future forever altered by the scars that marred her body and ended her career Casey wondered why Dan was still there Until he showed her that it had just begun She didn't want his pity She didn't need his help And when he told her that he loved her Casey thought he'd lost hi. The blurb on the cover sounded interesting but the story fell short of my expectationsWoman who works in the cosmetics industry is in a car wreck and ends up badly scarred Man who was also in the same multi vehicle accident pulls what s left of her from the wreck and falls in love at first sight tons of references to reincarnation making this okay In an effort to convince her that she is still beautiful and they should get married he then stalks her kisses her convinces her to sleep with him and bosses her around it s all acceptable though because of the past livesI thought this could really have been a good exploration of what it s like to deal with that kind of physical and emotional scarring with the support of unconditional love Instead the guy just gets all huffy any time she tries to deal with her issues completely invalidates her feelings and decides what they should do next Usually by the end of a romance I m hoping the guy gets the girl this one I was kind of hoping she d suggest some relationship counseling before letting it go any further

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characters A Love for All Time Dorothy Garlock ☆ 8 summary summary A Love for All Time 108 S mind One look in the mirror was enough to convince her that no man as attractive as Dan Murdock could possibly want her until the night he showed her how wrong she could be But wanting and loving are two very different things and now Casey wonders if theirs is truly a love that can last for all time. This was a typical love swept book in the early 90 s it had very little character development But it was a pure delight It had a wonderful hero and a damsel worth saving Meant to be a uick easy love filled book and it delivers

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characters A Love for All Time Dorothy Garlock ☆ 8 summary summary A Love for All Time 108 She thought her life was over When she's first awakened in the hospital frightened and in pain only the gentle masculine voice of a stranger had the power to soothe Casey Farrow Dan Murdock had dragged her from the wreckage of her car and saved her life He'd held her hand and lent her his strength But. P ern ob lkas 132 Za t ch pades t let sv ho ivota s 80 brat i Jeden z nich je star o dvan ct a druh o trn ct let Hrdinovi je 34 Jeho nejstar mu bratrovi je 48 a tet sest e jeho matky je 50Nev m jestli to autorka pln domyslelas 166 vytrhl pojistku z gran tu a nosce p emohl Ehm vytrhl pojistku z gran tu aby jako gran t nevybuchl Nejsem si jist e to takhle fungujes 12 jen p i la o nohy s 10 e j mus me vz t nohu s 25 Casey pro ila za posledn ch deset let n kolik milostn ch rom nk s 103 M la jsem milostn rom nek kdy mi bylo osmn ct P ed p ti lety jsem m la je t jednu kr tkou zku enost a rozhodla jsem se e z stanu rad ji sama s 116 Pravd podobn budu m t pruh ne to v echno nalo m Tedy k lus 117 Vlasy na tv ch prsou s 157 konzervu piva Jist by to lo i l pe s 7 v kajakse st i ka s 28 v Camelote jako Sir Lancelots 30 se zvedls 32 v zran n ch ebr chs 33 m li ona a matka s 34 v e p livem Znovus 39 157 sti ils 41 an s 46 tv tv i s zipnu s 61 jeli ony s 62 n c s 83 babus 87 Kenn Kenny s 89 163 Caseya Casey s 118 19stolet dolu dol s 120 R m ms 121 na Broadway na Broadwayi s 126 Na e N s 133 vlasy vysu ilas 145 postaven s 149 v Camelote Camelotu s 161 zjistit sp chalanapjet s 165 vzduchu nezdr el s 170 zask p n ji vyd sils 171 mnous 176 b ichoproti patn d len slov s 33 86 88 95 118 172 173uvozovky s 33 41 53 91 116 129 130 140 144jij s 7 111 149tiptyp s 36Jednop smenov p edlo ky a spojky na konc ch dk

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