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A Light In The Window

A Light In The Window Read & Download í eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Caught up in a whirlwind courtship and wedding Ricky is riding high on her love for her handsome new husband Court Wayne But when Court joins the m. The story of three generations of the Wayne family from the end of WWI through to the end of WWIIMy local library had this in the mystery section which is where and why I grabbed it but it is certainly not a mystery This is a very different and I suspect personal story for Rinehart the writing and publishing ring uite true By today s standards it is not well constructed technically but the story kept me interested all the way through

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A Light In The Window Read & Download í eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF He Waynes' bitter resentment But Ricky never imagines the depth of their hatred or the lengths to which the Waynes will go to break up her marriage. An interesting look at a family with upper class problems that begins with World War I and a hurried marriage and ends during World War II and hurried marriages

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A Light In The Window Read & Download í eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ilitary and ships overseas she finds herself living a strange new life with her wealthy in laws The small town girl feels out of place and senses t. The plot description for this novel is one of the most stunningly inaccurate and misleading I ever read Ignore itThe central young couple did indeed have a whirlwind courtship But the young groom Court didn t join the military afterwards he was already in an army camp and they met at a camp dance He goes overseas and she doesn t see him for 2 years and the novel opens the day in 1919 that he comes home His parents are not trying to break the couple up Bride Fredrica Ricky does have a difficult sometimes contentious relationship with her mother in law but the well drawn mother Elizabeth Wayne is not a bad person just too ambitious for her son and thinks they married too young She s absolutely right as the developing story shows She in fact tries to prevent anyone else breaking them up though her way is a rather controlling way And Ricky likes and gets along with her warmer understanding father in law just fineThe novel is a departure for Rinehart who wrote only occasional serious in depth novels This is one And largely it s successful Don t expect romance or romantic suspense It s about as unsentimental a family saga as you ll get about love war victory war s aftermath PTSD and something Rinehart knew well the publishing business It s the Wayne family business and she gives an interesting insider s take on it as it grows and weathers all those changes in America from 1919 to 1945 Every character even very minor ones who appear only occasionally seems real and multi dimensional which impressed me since characters who symbolize historic events and social change can often be types and that s a bore to me I liked or at least understood them all and Rinehart s skill at presenting them as people rather than passing judgment on them as lineups of good and bad guys shows her skill as a writerYet it s not a fun book The characters and their complicated feelings and mistakes make for a lot of pain and anxiety and secrets related to wartime romance and the pregnancies that can result Ricky and Court really are not a very good match but they work things through The affection they have yet their lack of real understanding of each other are very believable and the success of their marriage is as partial and patchy and yet sincere as a writer could concoct I seldom read painful realism but I can say this book was hard to put downThe book does end on a pretty positive note the younger generation ready to rebuild in 1945 seems to have it together than their parents or grandparents did It s not particularly cheerful but it s worth a read if you like realism that shows life and love to be imperfect but worthwhile