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  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 188
  • A Girl Alone
  • Lilian Peake
  • English
  • 10 August 2018
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FREE READ Ù A Girl Alone O lonely and so miserable She wanted to hurt Alan as he had hurt her Why don't you leave me alone she said harshly Haven't you done enough damage enough to keep you supp. Very corny and very dated harleuin The h is so bitchy and unpleasant you wonder how anybody can possibly like her At the start the H seems uite nice and pleasant then he morphs into a blow hot and blow cold stranger Then he is pretty nasty to her and flaunts his girlfriend in front of her I did not like it at all

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FREE READ Ù A Girl Alone ISBN 0373707258 9780373707256 in conflict with other bookAlan's mocking words hit hard underlining the complete disaster their evening had been Lorraine had never felt s. I couldn t uite figures out WHY the heroine was being so mean to the hero from the first pageand she was always soo angryy

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FREE READ Ù A Girl Alone Lied with after dinner stories until you're an old man You've had your little joke Now go She watched him walk away the man she loved as she knew she'd never love anothe. Hero was a sweetheart heroine was the ultimate bitch Not my idea of a romance