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A Friend of the Earth Summary Ö 108 Up Earth Forever he unwittingly endangered both his daughter Sierra and his wife Andrea Now just when he's trying to survive in a world torn by obdurate storms and winnowing drought Andrea comes back into his lifeT C Boyle's eighth novel blends idealism and satire in a story that addresses the ultimate uestions of human love and the survival of the speci. This could be a fun read for tree huggers and tree spikers alike In a narrative split between the climate battered world of 2025 and life as a circa 1990 ecosaboteur environmental doom meets righteously taking on the system Supporters of Deep Green Resistance Earth First the Earth Liberation Front or Stop Fossil Fuels are reminded of the climate chaos and mass extinction we re fighting to head off and can vicariously and safely enjoy the thrill of underground illegal tactics against a system immune to transformation from withinBut the book falls short of its potential reflecting real life limitations of early and all too much contemporary monkeywrencher culture misogyny and an absence of strategy This is understandable since the book was published in 2000 before activist rape culture and toxic male behavior was being called out and before serious analysis of how to bring down the industrial economy was readily available If the reader can accept these historic limitations she can probably still enjoy the book for what it isRead full review

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A Friend of the Earth Summary Ö 108 One of LitHub's 365 Books to Start Your Climate Change Library Originally published in 2000 T C Boyle's prescient novel about global warming and ecological collapseIt is the year 2025 Global warming is a reality The biosphere has collapsed and most mammals not to mention fish birds and frogs are extinct Tyrone Tierwater is eking out a bleak living in sou. There is a story behind why I chose to review A Friend of the Earth In 2001 I bought the novel and could not get past the first few pages I tried again and again No go So I dropped it in a box to be forgotten but not trashed Roughly a year later I was rummaging around for a book to read and pulled it out What the hell I thought I ll give it another try The planets had aligned apparently or likely this time I was mentally receptive and as with all his previous books I immediately fell in love with his writing and the journey His imagination is wild his wit caustic and he knows how to mess with your mind to provoke laughter and thought in a neuron explosive way And I mean that in a good way even when the subject matter is bleak as with this apocalyptic romp Also this novel has a great closing line My point is this Art is subjective true but sometime when your mind tunes into the right freuency you hear the music and not static TCB is among the living or dead one of our greatest writers

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A Friend of the Earth Summary Ö 108 Thern California managing a pop star's private menagerie that only a mother could love scruffy hyenas jackals warthogs and three down at the mouth lionsIt wasn't always like this for Ty Once he was a passionate environmentalist so committed to saving the earth that he became an eco terrorist and ultimately a convicted felon as a member of the radical gro. The fate of the earth is not the issue for main character and narrator Tyrone O Shaughnessy Tierwater He knows that it s doomed But so does the reader The post apocalyptic opening chapter is set in 2025 California Nature is reclaiming the planet Weather related disasters rage wreaking havoc on the remaining lifeforms and infrastructure Ty is the last man standing of a class of radical environmentalists from the Earth Forever movement It is a carbon copy of a 1980 s environmental movement called Earth First Ty is the last one until the ex wife calls to reconnect after many years of separation Their protracted reunification is the dynamic through which author TC Boyle reveals the complex character of his seventy five year old antihero And it works well The book is a satirical blend of environmentalism and love story in which aging adults play the leading roles I found that part of the book uite enjoyable The part that left me shaking my head was the subplot about Tyrone s relationship with his daughter and his abysmal judgment as a parent The book alternates between the 2025 timeline and his years as a parent beginning in 1989 Tyrone s pathetic efforts to parent his teenage daughter is the author s vehicle for relating the history of the Earth Forever movement Her mother is gone the subject of an accidental death at a young age In the opening chapter Tyrone places his young teenage daughter in harms way to the point that she ends up in foster care far from home And it gets worse culminating in a disturbing and unbelievable scene in which the hero fights off a young foster parent and a high school aged youth while somehow holding his thirteen year old daughter in his arms The scene belongs in a comic bookSo in my view the book is a mixed bag If you enjoy TC Boyle s work then I recommend it If you re not already a fan there are probably better places to start with his body of work

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