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  • Hardcover
  • 492
  • The Whispering Room Jane Hawk #2
  • Dean Koontz
  • English
  • 03 October 2019
  • 9780345546807
The Whispering Room Jane Hawk #2

Characters ✓ The Whispering Room Jane Hawk #2 ï PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ?ния под давлением миллиардера Дэвида Джеймса Майкла Тиллмен на свой страх и риск продолжает вести расследование и поиски приводят его в Кентукки в место населенное «скорректированными» людьми теми кто оказался жертвой бесчеловечного эксперимента Та. This is turning into such a great series I gave book one 4 stars but this one gets a full 5The most noticeable aspect of The Whispering Room is the suspense I sat on the edge of my seat holding my breath and forcing myself not to peep at the end to see who survived Jane Hawk is one of those characters who really has it all together and is usually one step ahead of the baddies In this book however the baddies have all the power of the government behind them and sometimes things get really scary I especially liked the middle part where Jane works out the uestion and uses it to huge effect What uestion Read it and see It is very very cleverI am a Dean Koontz fan from way back but I know the uality of his work can be very high or eually low This one is near the top

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Characters ✓ The Whispering Room Jane Hawk #2 ï PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB В результате теракта в небольшом провинциальном городке в штате Миннесота гибнет несколько десятков человек включая губернатора штата Лютер Тиллмен местный шериф которому показались подозрительными многие обстоятельства дела отстранен от расследов?. You re dead alreadyThey ll know about you in the whispering room A narrative which moves like a runaway train a terrific premise which is plausible than we d like to admit a resourceful protagonist we like and care about and Dean Koontz s signature trademarks of goodness and hope in a world which too often seems to have gone mad make this second entry in the Jane Hawk series a terrific read I had not read the first in the series when I was fortunate enough to win a chance to read the second through a Goodreads Giveaway but had little trouble getting up to speed with events Koontz s narrative has so much movement with brief chapters driving the story ever forward it had echoes of pulp style pacing which eventually began to remind me of Robert Ludlum when he was at the top of his game Whatever device Koontz may have used in penning this exciting and thought provoking story it s electric moving across the pages like ball lightning moves across the vast empty prairieBecause this was the second book in this series it took me a bit to get a feel for Jane She s a resourceful FBI agent gone rogue fighting a vast conspiracy to remake and control the population through nano technology It has cost her dearly and it is that price which drives her and gives her strength so that she can clear her deceased husband s name She also has unfinished business with her father who murdered her mother and got away with it She has a son whom she has stashed away until this is all over I couldn t help thinking it was not by chance that Koontz named Jane s son Travis since the author is a great fan of writer John D MacDonald as am IAs The Whispering Room begins Jane is on the run the most wanted person in the country Alone but relentless she moves with great purpose believing that good can triumph over evil and must Towards that end she must take up the figurative sword because there is much at stake A guardian angel with a gun Sandy Michael the archangel always had a sword Others too Maybe even angels have to change with the times JaneAnd these times are dreadful because they are indeed our times which we sadly recognize Reading a Koontz book especially this one we realize we are not alone in believing the world has gone askew With decency tension and suspense rather than pessimism graphic violence bloody gore and vulgarity and with a rich belief in kindness and redemption the eventual triumph of good over evil Koontz once again shows who is the real king of these genresAs Jane makes overtures to discover in what uarters she might find allies she is cautious yet resourceful But her uest to clear the books on her husband s death and indeed perhaps save the world is a lonely one She knew only a loneliness as might have been felt by the sole survivor of a shipwreck adrift on a flotsam of deck boards and fractured cargo crates under a sky empty of all but the sun the surrounding sea emptier still But she is not alone for long and not alone in feeling adrift once this one gets rolling As he gazed out from nature s comfort at the blacktop parking lot so barren in the cold fall of hard light he asked for courage and for mercy and if that should be too much to ask then for courage alone black sheriff Luther TillmanIt will be the strange and disturbing plight of Minnesota s Cora Gunderson and Sheriff Luther Tillman s secret investigation into her suicide which brings Jane and Luther together at a town in Kentucky called Iron Furnace I don t want to reveal too much here because this is such a terrific read but suffice it to say not all is as it seems in Iron Furnace What the waitress said FreyaWhat kind of fever kills all the dogs just like that Luther One that knows dogs aren t deceived by appearances JaneWhat most strikes the reader when they are able to catch their breath is just how far fetched this should all seem yet how eerily plausible it actually is in the climate of the past decade Twice Jane and Luther comment on it The first time is when Jane is feeling out a famous journalist to see if she can find an ally Haven t you noticed insanity is the new normal JaneThe second is when Luther Tillman tries to wrap his mind around what s happening and has trouble with it But these Arcadians the Hamlet listthis is insanity Luther Whole nations descend into insanity from time to time Germany under Hitler China under Mao There s a long list of examples JaneThere is a frightening physical web of evil and an unseen dark web which is even frightening At the heart of what s going on is elitism run amok led by a progressive named David James Michael Koontz very uietly takes on society s oversensitivity to every tiny word spoken which often causes otherwise nice people to take offense for no valid reason And in eerily convincing fashion he makes the case that government has already run amok with virtually every aspect of our lives accessible to others though we in fact have done nothing wrong He takes a direct shot at the heart not across the bow of this idea that others should have control over how we feel what we believe what we say and do and in doing so illuminates who is attempting to achieve this They were intellectuals excited by ideas important to them than people Self identified intellectuals were among the most dangerous people on the planet The problem was all intellectuals first self identified as such before others accepted their status and sought them for words of wisdom They didn t need to pass a test to confirm their brilliance didn t appear before a credentialed board by which they needed to be certified It was easier to be celebrated as an intellectual than to get a hairdresser s license But even as Jane moves toward the ultimate confrontation Koontz never allows the thriller portion to lose its humanity There are children who must be saved including Luther s family who are in danger than they could possibly imagine There is a woman who will learn to think twice before taking offense at a perceived politically incorrect slight There is Luther s wonderfully intelligent daughter There are colorful locations and people willing to help Jane as she races toward the shadowed whispering room And of course as in every Koontz novel there are dogs But the real uestion is how long can Jane elude capture so that she can confront the evil head on You re scaring me a little Luther I doubt that Jane I mean scared for you You have what it takes but you also need some luck You ve had a long run of luck in this But nobody s luck holds forever Luther The story is rich and exciting and will have you turning pages as uickly as Sidney Sheldon and Robert Ludlum did many moons ago This is a blast to read with my only caveat being a confrontation which ends too uickly once it finally happens It was necessary in order to show how factious evil can be and it does make me eager to read the next entry so I m not downgrading over a minor uibble to a remarkably engaging thriller Even within a lightning paced narrative such as this which has some mildly tawdry elements such as the Stepford like Aspasia and some terrific action to boot Koontz takes the time to smell the roses scattering some lovely descriptions between the train tracks as it barrels forward out of control A marvelous modern day thriller with echoes of old school storytellers you might be scrambling to obtain a copy of The Manchurian Candidate after reading this if you don t get the references Highly recommended Once truth was known it could not be unlearned nor could it be forgotten but lay always in the heart a darkness for which all the years ahead would be spent seeking whatever light could be found to compensate

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Characters ✓ The Whispering Room Jane Hawk #2 ï PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB м же волею обстоятельств оказывается и Джейн Хок также охотящаяся на миллиардера убийцу Сумеют ли они объединив усилия справиться с человеком для которого закон и жизнь человеческая ничего не значат Или они тоже падут жертвами безжалостного преступник. When I finished The Silent Corner the first book in this series featuring FBI agent Jane Hawk I loved it so much that in my review I urged the author to hurry up and finish the next one sooner than scheduled He must have heard me since he beat that original date by a couple of months And oh boy am I glad he didThis one can stand alone although I m sure I enjoyed it for having read the first That one had plenty of action but here it s almost nonstop meaning I was forced to put other chores on the back burner so I could keep reading honestly I think it s even better than the first and I gave that one a 5 star rating The prose is pure Koontz with each turn of the phrase artfully crafted The focus of the plot really really bad guys and gals who are using nanotechnology to turn human beings they don t like into well controlled automatons may be a bit out there but on the other hand as one of my favorite comedians Judy Tenuta used to say It could happenIn the first book Jane s husband Nick reportedly committed suicide but Jane knew better and vowed to get to the truth That in turn put her at odds with the FBI and even higher up powers forcing her to go on the run and put her young son Travis in hiding Early on she seeks help from a respected journalist hoping he s someone she can trust it s nearly impossible to discern who s had the technology implants making Jane s uest to take down the instigators all that much harder At the same time a much loved Minnesota school teacher inexplicably commits mass murder by driving her homemade bomb laden car into a crowd killing herself as well When Jane learns of the incident she immediately suspects that the woman was guided by an outside forceAt the same time local Sheriff Luther Tillman has suspicions all his own wanting to find out why the normally sweet teacher would commit such a horrible act he visits her home and retrieves a few items Shortly thereafter her home goes up in flames adding fuel to Luther s belief that something is rotten in the Land of 10000 LakesJane and Luther lead separate investigations for a while but as might be expected their trails eventually come together From that point on there s no going back and they must cling to the hope that the way forward won t end with either or both of their deaths Mysterious and spooky and all together ooky this book is a must read for anyone who loves thrillers spiked with a tablespoon of science fiction Love it and I thank the publisher via NetGalley for the opportunity to read an advance copy in exchange for an honest review