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  • On The Psychology Of Military Incompetence
  • Norman F. Dixon
  • English
  • 06 May 2020
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review On The Psychology Of Military Incompetence

Free read Ð PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ð Norman F. Dixon Norman F. Dixon ð 0 Free read review On The Psychology Of Military Incompetence F the First World War and the calamities of the Second It examines the social psychology of military organizations provides case studies of individual c. The book starts with short description of unnecessary carnage in WW 1 Boer war and Crimea among others Very helpful for someone who is not a history buff like myself buffs are advised by the author to skip this first partThen Dixon tries to psychologically explain what caused these mishaps uoting from many sources For example on British in America p199 The men in their scarlet uniforms and white spatterdashes marching in columns were the sort of target an ambush force dreams of som of the British troops broke for cover and fired from behind trees This appalled general Braddock and his officers they considered skulking behind trees both undisciplined and unsoldierly So they drove the Tommies back into columns where of course they were butchered Similarly p292 A plot to assassinate Hitler during the 1930s was turned down as not cricket the very words used by the Government of the dayDixon writes in a very pleasant meandering and natural way An example of a nice understatement p120 121 the Navy did on occasion show a surprising streak of realism fostered perhaps by the age old experience of being up against the hard facts of nature and the dangerously low buoyancy of the human bodyOn Montgomery and Kitchener Dixon writes p371 Both when they lapsed did so as a result of shortcomings in personality rather than intellect And p394 The theory advanced in this book military incompetence cannot be attributed to dullness of intellect recurring pattern to military mishaps which defies bloody fool theoryAnother factor explaining incompetence the fear of failure rather than the hope of success tends to be the dominant motive force p222The Afterword is also great and sums up a lot of the content of the book It reads in full p405 Lest the reader should have doubted my ualifications to write this book let me reassure him that I have marked authoritarian traits a weak ego fear of failure motivation and no illusion about the fact that I would have made a grossly incompetent general It takes one to know one

Free read Ð PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ð Norman F. DixonOn The Psychology Of Military Incompetence

Free read Ð PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ð Norman F. Dixon Norman F. Dixon ð 0 Free read review On The Psychology Of Military Incompetence This uniue and penetrating book surveys 100 years of military inefficiency from the Crimean War through the Boer conflict to the disasterous campaigns o. This book covers the psychological factors that lead to horrible leadership failures It shows how authoritarian personalities that can function during peace but not during times of stress cause horrible tragedies For those not interested in military affairs this also shows up in America s current politics with the rise of authoritarianism in the right and a bit as well on the left We can see those same types of failure in our governmentDixon divided his work in three parts first analysis of the worst blunders in modern military history with an emphasis on the commander s behavior It s a bit dismal Then he shows us how the average military establishment attracts and encourages authoritarians Finally he contrasts and compares successful generals with the failures and the personality differences are drasticOne critiue that can be leveled is that possibly Dixon cherry picked his examples and while that might be the case some of the failures were monsters who cared nothing for their men s lives Should we tolerate psychopaths as leaders for our military or government Future preventable blunders awaitI ve heard about this book in the distant past and thanks to Andrew for reminding meIn this vein for information about ordinary soldiers in combat I recommend Marshall s Men Against Fire The Problem of Battle Command in Future War

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Free read Ð PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ð Norman F. Dixon Norman F. Dixon ð 0 Free read review On The Psychology Of Military Incompetence Ommanders and identifies an alarming pattern in the causes of military disasterAbsorbing and original this is the definitive history of military failure. Dixon is an engaging and entertaining curmudgeon who takes a psychological stab at explaining military incompetence With several years as a bomb defusal specialist in the Royal Engineers before becoming a psychiatrist Dixon is well suited to write such a study of generalship Taking the British centrism and psychoanalytic perspective as features rather than bugs this is an interesting attempt to explain and improve the serious failures of military incompetence starting from lost battles and heavy casualties up to the possibility of a nuclear war in errorThe first part of the book is a chronicle of British military incompetence from Crimea to Operation Market Garden amply demonstrating several key operational ualities of military incompetence wastage of life clinging to tradition rejection of contrary information underestimation of the enemy indecisiveness combined with obstinate persistence in a failing task failure to exploit opportunities failure to use reconnaissance and intelligence predilection for frontal assaults belief in brute force over deception scapegoating suppression of news from the front and a belief in mystical forcesThe second part goes into the theory of why incompetence generals exhibit these traits Dixon offers three nested psychological explanations The first is cognitive dissonance believing themselves to be great captains of a great army incompetent officers deny any facts to the contrary leading their forces into disaster Second high levels of cognitive dissonance are associated with the authoritarian personality see Adorno 1950 along with a love of pomp and pointless order that Dixon classifies as military bull Third these are of course the daily life traits of the anal dystonic ego and their inability to cope with a messy and chaotic world or the emotional damage of toilet training I believe that psychoanalyzing from history is a methodological mistake so than standard psychoanalysis and Dixon uses this argument to gore his personal enemies rather than advance a case However the cognitive dissonance and authoritarian personality parts seem spot onThe implicit solutions stop promoting authoritarian assholes reduce tradition and increase flexibility in military culture are the weakest parts of the book The best way to fight and survive is a poorly understood subject and Dixon s psychological weakness might have some survival value on a daily basis even as they lead to systemic disaster A fun book but one with some strange oddities