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Amberes by Roberto Bolaño

Amberes by Roberto Bolaño Summary ✓ 100 Summary ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¹ Roberto Bolaño As Bolaño’s friend and literary executor Ignacio Echevarría once suggested Antwerp can be viewed as the Big Bang of Roberto Bolaño’s fictional universe Reading this novel the reader is present at the birth of Bolaño’s enterprise in prose all the elem. Nothing lasts the purely loving gestures of children tumble into the voidI hope this book is in my pocket at the moment of my death Cancer most likely or perhaps the cacophony of a horrific car crash Certainly not old age given my lifestyle though it is a nice dream Possibly a snap moment of gratuitous violence or any other aberration from the mundane that a solipsistic individual would register as the utter apocalypse Whatever the circumstances I can only hope that my blood soaks into the pages of this beautiful work as I am ejected from this world as I pass from present to past tense and I move from a reality of the physical to one of prose Because once we are gone all that remains are the stories anecdotes like metaphors that build towards an impression of personality which seem like fiction due to the undeniable degree of exaggeration or polishing in order to drive home a perfect

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Amberes by Roberto Bolaño Summary ✓ 100 Summary ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¹ Roberto Bolaño Ents are here highly compressed at the moment when his talent explodes From this springboard which Bolaño chose to publish in 2002 twenty years after he’d written it “and even that I can’t be certain of” as if testing out a high dive he would plunge i. The only novel that doesn t embarrass me is Antwerp Roberto Bola oA uick look at the reviews for this book show some people who really don t like it They are probably rightThis is a young work It s darkly romantic without sentimentality It wears it s belief in the power of literature and words right on it s sleeve so to speak because books don t have sleeves and this one doesn t even have a dust jacket Of what is lost irretrievebly lost all I wish to recover is the daily availablity of my writing lines capable of grasping me by the hair and lifting me up when I m at the end of my strengthThere isn t necessarily a story going on here More of a collection of impressions from a murky moment of hazy criminality There is a logic of youth here a wide eyed yet jaded perspective that moves along an edge just that side of respectability but still close enough to the safe world that one is n

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Amberes by Roberto Bolaño Summary ✓ 100 Summary ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¹ Roberto Bolaño Nto the unexplored depths of the modern novel Antwerp’s fractured narration in 54 sections voices from a dream from a nightmare from passers by from an omniscient narrator from “Roberto Bolaño” all speak moves in multiple directions and cuts to the bone. At first this reads like a bunch of noir inflected prose poems but as the characters begin to repeat locations stubbornly reappear and dead bodies pile up in familiar configurations you realize this is a deeply fractured crime novel of sorts Or maybe a hallucinatory poetic seuence that s extracted its essence from a well worn pile of detective fiction However you care to classify this assortment of startling images pulp scenarios and aggressive displacements there s an underlying but elusive coherence that will either spark your imagination or give you a pounding headache I loved it

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