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  • The Origins of the Second World War
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  • 01 January 2019
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characters The Origins of the Second World War

Free download ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ↠ A.J.P. Taylor A.J.P. Taylor ↠ 7 Read & Download Read & Download The Origins of the Second World War 107 N of Poland on 1st September 1939 opened up new debate and is now recognized as a brilliant and classic piece of scholarly research 'Highly original and penetratingNo one who has digested this enthralling work will ever be able to look at the period again in uite the same wa. A for the most part pretty engaging and readable account of how the Second World War broke out although it does get a bit one damn fact after another in the later chapters I don t know how much I should trust it given that there was so much controversy about it and it was published only 20 years after these events so I m just registering it as one particular narrative which could be givenThat said I didn t find anything in it particulary shocking or revelatory from a modern perspective It seems the main source of controversy at the time of publication was the idea that Hitler was a reasonably normal leader in terms of foreign policy at least Taylor does acknowledge that his brutal approach to domestic politics and his antisemitism were dependent on Hitler s character But my impression which might be wrong as I m not overly familiar with trends in academic history is that the general tendency in the decades since the war has to been to deemphasize the anomalousness of the Nazi period and Taylor s thesis seems to be in line with that trendMuch of the controversy may have been to do with the fact that Taylor s narrative is completely un moralistic He tries to see things from the point of view of the leaders and their own interests So he doesn t make a big deal about the way in which Germany ruthlessly sought to further its foreign interests whenever possible because as far as he s concerned that s just what powerful states do Powers will be Powers to use his words And he doesn t make out Britain France or anyone else to be altruistic either The narrative is a dispassionate one in the same vein as you might read in a book about the 18th or 19th century where it s taken as a given that states just naturally act on their own self interest and don t have much ualms about throwing about their military power when they canHe is also not much of a believer in competence or of the ability of political actors to carry out long term plans The statesmen in the narrative are portrayed as simply acting reactively to events and often messing things up This extends to Hitler in Taylor s portrayal he was not a nihilist seeking destruction for its own sake nor was the war instigated as part of a coherent plan to set up some sort of great empire in Eastern Europe He was simply a ruthless opportunist with good instincts who wanted to restore Germany s status as a great power but would have preferred to do it by bluffing rather than actually having to fight the war Britain and France were willing to give in to a considerable extent but eventually they couldn t go any further without making a mockery of their own status as great powers and so they called Hitler s bluff and war broke out

Free download ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ↠ A.J.P. TaylorThe Origins of the Second World War

Free download ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ↠ A.J.P. Taylor A.J.P. Taylor ↠ 7 Read & Download Read & Download The Origins of the Second World War 107 Ly that Hitler did not set out to cause the war as part of an evil master plan but blundered into it partly by accident aided by the shortcomings of others Fiercely attacked for vindicating Hitler AJP Taylor's stringent re examination of the events preceding the Nazi invasio. This book could have been titled The Comedy Central Roast of British Foreign Policy in the Interwar Years My favorite line is he was as able intellectually as any British foreign secretary of the twentieth century perhaps not a very high standard We like to blame Hitler for World War II but the Allied incompetence played a large part as well

A.J.P. Taylor ↠ 7 Read & Download

Free download ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ↠ A.J.P. Taylor A.J.P. Taylor ↠ 7 Read & Download Read & Download The Origins of the Second World War 107 One of the most popular and controversial historians of the twentieth century who made his subject accessible to millions AJP Taylor caused a storm of outrage with this scandalous bestseller Debunking what were accepted truths about the Second World War he argued provocative. There is much to commend in AJP Taylor s provocative revisionist study of the origins of the Second World War The book is rich in argument and strong in analysis but above all the theme that stands out is Taylor s portrayal of Hitler as an ordinary German who achieved his objectives through patience by letting the failures of others become his successes This is a controversial argument for good reason if Hitler was an ordinary German what does that say about average Germans and their culpability in the atrocities of war Subseuent history demonstrated that in fact Taylor was wrong in this respect The German nation went on to become one of the bastions of democracy peace and stability in Europe and indeed the world Yet in another respect perhaps Taylor was right For him Hitler was not an evil madman with a grand plan for global warfare but rather an opportunist albeit one who may have been particularly vulnerable to being swept up by the force of events In this sense perhaps the later peace and stability achieved by Germany was the logical outcome for a nation that was not evil but vengeful and which had no grand plan for destruction but rather a belief affirmed around the world at the time that the Treaty of Versailles was a moral injustice whose wrongs must be rightedThese academic matters of course should not obscure the simpler reality of the Second World War There is no uestion that Hitler was evil and calculating to an extent perhaps unparalleled in the history of humankind There is eually no uestion that Germany however good it seems in retrospect realized during the Second World War the worst excesses of its capacity for evil These are the weaknesses of Taylor s account that he understated the wrongs of the Nazis simply because their evil was not abundantly clear or present in the documents at the time of the Third Reich that he whitewashed Hitler in many ways and most of all that he shifts the blame for the atrocities of the Second World War to the bumbling diplomacy of the Allies as if they were somehow supposed to realize the extent of the evil they faced in Hitler and the Nazi state Much of Taylor s account may be true and this is its enduring strength but one should recognize that it is neither the whole truth nor nothing but the truth