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Characters  At the Captain's Command 108 Colonies' horizon and James has chosen his side in opposition to the country Thomas has sworn to defend But what of Dinah Where does her heart truly lie with her family or with the man she claims to lo. Over all great book great story line great characters Mrs Gouge has really done her research into what things must have been like around the time of the revolutionary war I could invision in my mind the walls of the fort she described and the british ships in her majestys navy The ending i will say was very surprising It was uite a twist in a book that was becoming slightly boring after the whole i love you you love me lets get married Two problems i had with this book Number one being Why are all women in historical novels depcited as swooning weak creatures They faint they take deep breaths to steady themselves I dont get it Number two The character Anne she was a uaker and there for spoke as one as well Her sentences went a little like this Whilt thou please do as thy is told That gets annoying after page 210 After thinking about it there is one other thing i have a problem with When i read love storys i like for them to be completley fake I want the man in the story to be practically perfect in every way a little like mary poppins The guy just leaves this chick hangin and has no excuse for it Yet she willingly take him back with no problem I mean WHAT By nature that whole part made me reject this whole story until i took into account that i spent hours reading it and up until that part it had been pretty good

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Characters  At the Captain's Command 108 Duty and career Captain Thomas Moberly of His Majesty's Navy prizes them above all So why is he tempted to relinuish both for Dinah Templeton Though Dinah seems sweet and charming the difference in sta. A story set in St Augustine during colonial times this one deals with love forgiveness pirates greed honor integrity newfound faith and family relationships A family is unknowingly torn because they discover some members are on opposite sides of the loyalist rebel debate

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Characters  At the Captain's Command 108 Tion between an East Florida belle and the son of an earl is too marked to ignore And all other obstacles pale with the discovery that Dinah's brother James is not what he seemsA war is brewing on the. Dinah Templeton spots three handsome Naval officers and discovers one of them is her kinsman Captain Thomas Moberly whom she hasn t met The captain s brother is married to her cousin and his sister is married to Dinah s brotherDinah is splashed with love at first sight as they become acuainted They enjoy spending time together but she vows she will never marry a sea faring manSince her parent s deaths she is almost destitute so doesn t dress as most of the women with whom the captain usually is in contact on shore Yet when Moberly sees Dinah he says Who would expect to find such beauty in this backward colony Dinah lives with Artemis and Anne Hussey Mrs Hussey is a kind young woman reared by the Gardiner sisters of the Nantucket Friends Meeting as Dinah was Anne is one of Dinah s friends Her husband Artemis however is wicked and covetous of money and prestige So he arranges a marriage for Dinah to the wealthy Mr RichlandYet Dinah has a standing proposal with Mr Waterston the short paunchy proprietor of the General StoreThe United States is engaged in the Revolutionary War and Captain Moberly s work involves capturing pirates who intercept British vessels His biggest target is the pirate Nighthawk who brags he will never be capturedAmong Dinah s tangled web of relatives are some who fight for the Americans Will Nighhawk kill the captain Will the captain kill the pirate How will the battle affect DinahLouise Gouge does a great job weaving life like characters from another era into a compelling story I recommend this bookNote The author and Love Inspired Publishers provided me a review copy of At the Captain s Command

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