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  • 19 August 2020
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Lee Kilraine Ï 8 CHARACTERS

READ Wanted Cates Brothers #55 REVIEW È eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ï Lee Kilraine Lee Kilraine Ï 8 CHARACTERS Christmas is coming to Climax North Carolina and it’s delivering an unexpected second chance right to Hawk Savage’s doorFor small town cop and single dad Hawk Savage Christmas tends to be hassle and worry than mistletoe and magic His daughter Heather is ten going on teenager while his son Henry Lee has decided he needs a mommy ASAP HL’s constant matchmaking is enough to break a fat. 35 starsThe blurb for this book caught by eye and honestly who can resist a story about a little boy who wants a Mom for Christmas not me and I did enjoy Wanted A Mom for Christmas even though it was a bit too easy considering all the circumstances surrounding this couple and the hero s two childrenSeven years ago Hawk Savage s life was turned upside down when his wife died leaving him the single parent to a 3 year old daughter and an infant son He managed with help of family and friends but with his children growing older he s beginning to doubt his ability to get through a teenage girl s puberty and a young boy who desperately wants a mother When laid out by the flu a woman appears from Rent A Mom and nurses him back to life while delighting his son with holiday decorating and bit by bit getting his shy and unsure daughter to interact Olympic Medalist Nora Joy s life implodes when she finds out the injury to her shoulder might keep her off the National Team she walks in to find her boyfriend screwing her sand volleyball partner and her motheragent confesses she s not only blown all of Nora s money but she s actually in debt over her head Determined to take a hold of her life Nora applies for every job and lands one in her old hometown of Climax North Carolina and turns up on the doorstep of her old high school boyfriend and his adorable two childrenIt was easy to like both Hawk and Nora from the start of this book and feel for both of their situations although honestly Nora s felt a little bit over the top Scene stealer 7 year old Henry Lee HL had an infectious personality and was impossible not to love from the start Stoic shy and extremely intelligent 10 year old Heather internalized everything and despite her mom being gone for seven years she still feels the loss deeply which broke my heart for her From the minute Nora arrived on their doorstep HL was immediately drawn to Nora and their outgoing personalities made it fun to watch them bond from the start While Heather sat back and watched it was easy to see that she was interested in the loud strange woman who came into their lives but she wasn t ready to go all in Once Hawk was up and around their prior relationship made it easy for them to fall easily into each other s lives The Christmas spirit and a bit of competitiveness has these four working together and building a family relationship before they even realize itSweet sentimental with a bit of sexy heat and a Christmas backdrop to boot made Wanted Mom for Christmas a cute and entertaining holiday story

REVIEW È eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ï Lee KilraineWanted Cates Brothers #55

READ Wanted Cates Brothers #55 REVIEW È eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ï Lee Kilraine Lee Kilraine Ï 8 CHARACTERS Her’s heart but Hawk has a immediate problem His high school girlfriend Nora Joy just arrived on his doorstep claiming to be his family’s new Rent A Mom He sure didn’t hire her but he can’t turn Nora’s admittedly shapely tush out on the streetSidelined by injury Olympic medal winning volleyball player Nora receives a mysterious Rent A Mom job offer just when her finances and he. HL finally gets his mother Nora a volleyball Olympian goes to her home town for Christmas as a Rent A Mom for Hawk

READ Wanted Cates Brothers #55

READ Wanted Cates Brothers #55 REVIEW È eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ï Lee Kilraine Lee Kilraine Ï 8 CHARACTERS R spirits are at an all time low True she’s not much for cooking Or housekeeping Still it’s hard to resist Hawk’s childrenand Hawk himself has changed from the lanky teenager she once knew to a strong steady very tempting manChristmas in Climax is shaping up to be full of surprises But the biggest one of all might be the happy ever after that a little boy’s Christmas wish can bri. Review also found at I received an advanced copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review Thank youThis review is going to be short as I am going to try to sum my thoughts up as briefly and concisely as possibleThis book was written for those like myself who are Christmas fanatics and love everything about the holiday season well I may have a slight issue with Christmas music but that aside love everything else If you like myself find yourself binge watching the W network and its made for TV Christmas movies this is the book for you In fact Lilraine if your people have not already pitched this have them do it it would be perfectThis story has all the ingredients that make a perfect Christmas story Children in need of a mother a man in need of a love and companion a Christmas miracle and some hijinks in between I have been following this series but it is not reuired if you are simply looking for a nice Christmas read You can read this on its ownJust grab a cup of hot chocolate turn the fireplace on and grab this story