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free read Tryst #1 review Tryst #1 Ñ eBook or Kindle ePUB Ella Steele ã 3 free read Watching me waiting for me to make a noise My eyes lock on his while sinful sensations swirl through my body building tighter and higher He slowly adds pressure teasing and pulling my nipples tighter and longer The heat in my stomach sears through my body It makes me shift my hips and try to fuck him but he stills meTRYST Vol 2 3 are on sale n. I realize this is a short story but this was ridiculous This was nowhere near BDSM

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free read Tryst #1 review Tryst #1 Ñ eBook or Kindle ePUB Ella Steele ã 3 free read Hotness Warning This novel contains sexually explicit content that's so fricken hot that it could combust at any time Mom keep going If you think sex is icky keep going If you want something that will knock your socks or panties off stick around Ashley's sex life is about to change After a chance encounter with an old flame it's clear that pas. To say that HM Ward has done it again would be a complete understatement If you don t know what Tryst means I ll clue you in Tryst according to the many online and Webster dictionary means A private romantic rendezvous between lovers a moonlight trystI have to say this novel completely emphasizes on the erotic There s nipple piercings and piercings on other extremitiesI ll let you ponder over that one smiles evilly The two characters Micheal and Ashley are completely drawn to each other from the first pageThe short story is told from Ashley s perspective and although during the novel her emotions are at war with her body her body and Micheal win throughout the novel and don t stay at odds for longThis novella goes into a great deal of detail of the three nights that s right three sexy erotic pleasure filled nightsI have to say there was enough spanking in this novella to make my butt hurtTryst is a complete must read It s filled with very little sexy tension likeable characters and completely filled with hot sweaty moments that will leaving you fanning yourself and wondering what will come next

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free read Tryst #1 review Tryst #1 Ñ eBook or Kindle ePUB Ella Steele ã 3 free read Sions are still burning bright The tame girl Michael used to know is gone Michael is all too excited to step up and dominate fulfilling all of Ashley's sexy dreamsExcerpt Before I could think another thing Michael's fingers clamp around my nipples His hips stay pressed flush to mine his length lost inside of me My jaw falls open and I see him. A short uick erotic read BDSM nipple piercings and a little rough sex and hot trystI didnt enjoy the charcaters what so ever or the storyline but Ella certainly has a way with wordsIf you after something erotic and hot with a short storyline than this may appeal to you However I found this an ok read just couldnt enjoy the characters put forth

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  • 11 April 2020
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