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The Fateful Year Free read ì 104 The Fateful Year is the story of England in 1914 War with Germany so often imagined and predicted finally broke out when people were least prepared for it Here among a crowded cast of unforgettable characters are suffragettes armed with axes destroying works of art schoolchildren going on strike in support of their teachers and celebrity aviators t A fascinating snapshot of England prior to and at the start of WW I Written in an easy to read manner drawing on diaries newspapers etc the author starts each chapter with a different person s story and worldview Especially interesting if you have watched period movies or Downton Abbey Well done

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The Fateful Year Free read ì 104 N spies fears of invasion while patriotic women hand out white feathers to men who have failed to rush to their country's defence In the book's final pages a bomb falls from the air onto British soil for the first time and people live in expectation of air raids As 1914 fades out England is preparing itself for the prospect of a war of long duratio This is an excellent book that gives both a micro and macro look at the year 1914 in England Bostridge masterfully charts the progress of this pivotal year which starts with activities of the militant suffragettes and troubles in Ireland as well as a domestic murder who done it and moves inextricably to the looming clouds of war and then shows how everything became focused on the war effort in those first months of the bloodiest war to end all wars Bostridge gives several views of this year from different social and cultural perspectives Excellent notes and references for further exploration Highly recommend

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The Fateful Year Free read ì 104 Hrilling spectators by looping the loop A theatrical diva prepares to shock her audience while an English poet in the making sets out on a midsummer railway journey that will result in the creation of a poem that remains loved and widely known to this day With the coming of war England is beset by rumour and foreboding There is hysteria about Germa this was this month s pick for book club I really really tried my hardest to enjoy reading It but for all my best efforts I have had to give upI aren t a great lover of factual books anyway unless it is something I really really love but the way he has written it was far too text bookish for me and I found it too hard to keep my concentration on it

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