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On Brick Lane Free read ´ 102 The voices of the famous the infamous and the obscure merging memoir reportage poetry photography and local history The result is as vibrant and fascinating as the neighbourhood it so movingly celebrate. As ever Rachel does an excellent job of letting the reader enter the hidden lives of others so remarkable

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On Brick Lane Free read ´ 102 Brick Lane today is a place of extremes – a street that's constantly reinventing itself Blending history and reportage with personal testimony and urban myths and interspersing these with maps and pho. I absolutely love this book Rachel Lichtenstein paints a very vivid picture of life in the Brick Lane area as it was in bygone days and in modern times I agree with another reviewer who commented about the slightly awkward layout of the book but nevertheless I think On Brick Lane is brilliant I finished it some days ago but it is still on my mind buzzing with both nostalgic and poignant images

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On Brick Lane Free read ´ 102 Tography On Brick Lane is a one of a kind chronicle of one of London's most remarkable streets Bringing to life the memories and realities of Brick Lane's many communities Rachel Lichtenstein harnesses. Aggh the frustrating layout of this book almost broke me I m usually a very uick reader but this took me an unusually long time to get through at 10 days I even had to take a two day break and read something else of similar length in its entirely before I could pick this back up again Why did I persevere I loved the content The author tells the story of Brick Lane from about 1860 to 2006 and she did a grand job She really did her research and included contributions from an extremely diverse group of current and former residents As much as the content was wonderful the layout was the worst I ve ever had to navigate Why are the illustrations not explained on the actual page There are numerous photos scattered throughout the book but each time I came across one I had to go to the front of the book and look each page up not all pages were numbered to find the relevant description Add that to the fact that every couple of pages I was going to the back of the book to look up a foreign word in the glossary and it uickly became hard work It took what felt like forever to navigate through this book with a bookmark at the front and another at the back to help find the lists uickly Then just to test me further scattered throughout the book were numerous pages with wonderfully interesting uotes from locals but these were put in almost at whim in the middle of sentences spread over three pages Reading a book should not be this difficult On a positive note the content was fascinating which is why I stuck with it The author has really improved upon her knowledge of the area since Rodinsky s Room and her contacts are impressive She opened my eyes to so many other books that have been written by her friends and associates I saw that this is the first of a trilogy I would be particularly interested in reading her next book about Hatton Garden but only if the layout was improved upon otherwise I would have to give it a miss There is a short approx 1 hour walking tour with a basic map at the end of the book The book was published in 2007 unfortunately uite a few of the places mentioned have since completely disappeared For example the last Jewish Business in the area the building where the Russian Baths were the buildings on the corner of Greatorex Street and one of the author s restaurant recommendations have all gone The layout of the walk also sent me up and back down Brick Lane several times If you do the walk I would suggest that you start at the end so start at the top of Brick Lane by the Beigel Bake and finish at the park by Aldate East tube This would mean much less traipsing back and forth

  • Hardcover
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  • On Brick Lane
  • Rachel Lichtenstein
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  • 28 March 2020
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